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The Korean drama Squid Game has just swept the world, becoming the most-watched TV series in 90 countries. But this isn’t the first time Kdrama has done anything like this. In recent years, a Korean drama has broken box office records in Asia nearly every year.

Outside of Korea, viewers no longer have access to major Kdrama programs via the traditional means of watching them, channel TV. In contrast, the original Kdrama is challenging to follow without subtitles. For global audiences, it is crucial to choose a reputable platform with a multitude of materials.

What Is QooQooTV?

The South Korean pirate website QooqooTV has been taken offline. It serves the same purposes as other torrent sites like 123Movies, GoMovies, YTS, The Pirate Bay, and so on. The site’s demise has actually helped boost its profile in recent times. The online website valuation places the estimated value of this site at $8,390,000. This is a very high number that reflects the site’s popularity.


It is not unusual for newly launched pirate sites to see rapid growth and widespread popularity. The same holds true for the QooqooTV website, where viewers may view the most recent episodes of their favorite shows and movies without paying a dime. QooqooTV allows users to watch popular shows and movies for free, saving them hundreds of South Korean won on movie tickets and premium streaming services.

This website is user-friendly due to its extensive library of TV shows and movies that are neatly arranged into several categories. QooqooTV’s most ingenious feature is undoubtedly its use of the Telegram app. By joining their Telegram group, you can be kept up-to-date on the latest leaks posted on Cuckoo TV and the URL at which you can find them.

The Best Features of QooQooTV


  • Free to use, no registration required
  • Good uptime, no lags
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Nicely created categories to access what visitors are looking for
  • A big search box at the prominent place (i.e. at the top from where users can search)
  • Telegram channel for more frequent updates for busy site visitors
  • QooqooTV app for mobile users
  • Content in HD quality
  • Easy to download, streaming available

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QooQooTV Category List


A straightforward interface that naturally guides the visitor to their goal. QooqooTV, a video streaming platform, has succeeded admirably. The user interface (UI) of the site is so straightforward and easy to navigate that it immediately strikes visitors as refreshing at their first encounter. When looking for certain books, you can use the convenient search box. We’ve listed a few of the site’s many categories here for your convenience.

  • Drama on air
  • Entertainment
  • Preview education
  • Documentary
  • Latest Korean movies
  • Animation
  • Latest Mid
  • Ending drama
  • Ultra-high definition

Download The QooqooTV App


With QooqooTV APK and a reliable internet connection, you may watch your favorite shows whenever you want. The APK weighs next to nothing and is available on the Google Play Store and other alternative software markets. Before installing an APK, you should check it for viruses. There is a chance that these APKs are infected with viruses that will permanently damage your mobile device. Here are the top 10 competitors of QooqooTV

  • My Soap.com
  • Movie Jota
  • Koreanz
  • TV Namoo
  • Danawa TV
  • Link TV
  • Cuckoo TV
  • Showdang. kr
  • Dgmall. kr
  • Ilikesns.com



QooqooTV gives direct access to every movie, drama, entertainment show, and news broadcast. Looking at how this site differs from others that offer replays. Several full 1080P HD links are provided, as well as links to other media including TV shows, movies, midi, and animations.

The site’s owners have gotten rather slick by using platforms like Telegram and Instagram to broadcast its current location, which is constantly being updated due to limitations.

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