Quiverquant: Best Investment Analysis Software For Research in 2022!


For non-professional investors, Quiver compiles alternative stock data from all over the internet and arranges it in a straightforward web dashboard. These novice investors may use Quiver to access the same tools that Wall Street is increasingly using to make investing decisions, allowing them to take advantage of the power of big data.

What is Quiverquant App?

For Android 5.0 and higher, download the Quiver Quantitative 1.0 APK. You may play the free financial game Quiver Quantitative. Downloading and configuring it on your phone is easy. Please be aware that ApkPlz only offers the free, original Quiver Quantitative 1.0 APK installer and does not alter or change the files in any way.

Quiver Quantitative

The Play Store has a 4.60-star average rating. Visit the Quiver Quantitative assistance page if you want to find out more information about the program. The games and programs on this website are all made to be used at home or for personal use. The land and the Quiver Quantitative trademark are owned by the developer.

Quiver Quantitative Features


The key factors are Quiver Quant’s tactics. These portfolios make advantage of peculiar statistics like the most popular Wikipedia searches or the stock purchases of members of Congress. The Senate Homeland Security Committee and Nancy Pelosi can use some advice from Quiver Quantitative.

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Only open data sources are used by Quiver Quantitative. Best methods produce a yearly output of above 70%. The S&P 500 has returned 13% yearly since 2010. Each strategy includes a list of its stocks and results. Daily pre-market emails regarding changes to the strategy position are sent through Quiver Quantitative alerts.

Data Feeds

The data feeds from Quiver Quantitative provide trading suggestions for investors and traders. US House representative trading performance and Congressional representative trading activity over time are both provided in one feed. Another person looks over CNBC host stock recommendations.

Each host’s weekly and quarterly performance as well as the top stocks on CNBC to buy or sell are available. Additional data feeds show business lobbying actions, the most talked-about stocks on Twitter and Reddit’s Wall Street Bets, and company mobile app star ratings over time.

Quiver Quantitative

Insider trading, institutional holdings, and other financial filings are all monitored by Quiver Quant. Additionally, the display includes stocks whose Estimize earnings projections for upcoming earnings reports are markedly above or below the Wall Street consensus estimate.

Stock Analysis

Additionally, Quiver Quantitative permits stock research. A TradingView price chart and Quiver Quantitative dashboards can be seen on the stock page. Changes in insider, institutional investor, and congressional stock positions may be observed.

Quiver Quantitative

You can also read information about government contracts, lobbying activity, and Wall Street Bets’ mentions of the stock. You may view the strategies that a stock is in with a Quiver Quantitative subscription.


Customization is lacking in Quiver Quantitative. There are no watchlists, dashboard customization options, or corporate action notifications. The platform makes it easy to locate the data feeds.

Customization and Layout

Quiver Quantitative approaches stock research in a distinctive manner. Unlike Zacks Premium or Validea, which concentrate on financials or technical indicators, Quiver Quantitative analyzes sentiment, momentum, and insider activity using publicly available statistics.

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Quiver Quantitative

Rare statistics like Wikipedia searches, CNBC recommendations, and mobile app evaluations are available through Quiver Quantitative. Many Quiver Quantitative methods have done better than the competition. This is particularly true for strategies relying on it, even if Capitol Trades and Senate Stock Watcher offer free Congressional trading data.

Is Quiverquant Legit?

The rather well-liked investment niche includes Quiverquant.com. With a 64.10 medium-authoritative rank, Quiverquant.com. This ranking suggests that the business may be categorized as well-known, typical, and active.

Quiverquant Website

What then lies in Quiver’s future? User experience is given top priority. Building a mobile app that will give our mobile users a better experience and quicker access to our platform is one of our top priorities for the next six months or so, Chris added.

Another potential goal is to expand into other alternative data markets like bitcoin. We expect to release three new datasets each month because we are constantly looking for new information to offer to our customers in order to help them make better investment decisions.


We’re also considering expanding into the cryptocurrency market, which is potentially complex for regular investors to comprehend. We want to make it possible for people to examine our data sets and form more informed opinions even if they have no prior experience investing in cryptocurrencies.

Quiver Quant is changing how individual investors choose their investments. Its development possibilities allow for a lot of creativity because comprehensive alternative facts are presented in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner.

Quiverquant Investment

What do the terms “FinTwit” and “Reddit,” for example, mean exactly? Quantitative investing sounds are futuristic and technical. “Quant is an acronym for quantitative analysis, a technique for forecasting future stock or option behavior by examining underlying statistics and historical data.


Is this beginning to ring a bell? If you follow FinTwit, you’ve probably heard people talk about institutional algorithms having an impact on the markets. Analysts may use this information to create algorithms and other computer models that will assist them in potentially successful investment decisions.

Algorithmic traders are thought to be responsible for 70-80% of transactions on US exchanges. Quantitative analysis is, without a doubt, an integral part of the financial sector. The majority of these algorithms use quantitative analysis to determine entry and exit prices, as well as support and resistance levels.

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What Is Quiver Quantitative?

Individual investors can use Quiver to access pertinent, clear information that hasn’t yet been looked at by Wall Street and harness the power of big data.

Quiver Quantitative

Quiver Quantitative: Is It Free?

We’re giving it to you for free on your phone, Wall Street spent nearly $2 billion on alternative data last year, and we make it simple to derive actionable insights from this data, giving you a competitive edge.


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