Remove Yourself From Group Text Block: Check Out The Methods To Do It On Android And iOS!

Remove Yourself from Group Text Block

Everybody who has ever been trapped in an unwelcome group SMS can attest to how awful it can be. All you can do is wait for the thread to ultimately calm down as your phone erupts out of control.

Fortunately, Apple included the capability to make it simple to leave an iMessage Group back in iOS 8, and it’s still available in iOS 13.

In 2019, Chat, a replacement for iMessage for Android, became available to all users. A group message cannot be left, unlike an iMessage. However, you can silence upcoming notifications so that your phone doesn’t keep sounding an alarm whenever someone replies to the group conversation.

We’ll show you how to unsubscribe from a group SMS on your iOS and Android devices in the sections below.

How to delete group messages from iMessage

Remove Yourself from Group Text Block

1. Access the text message group you want to leave.

The first step is to launch the iOS Messages app and choose the Group message you want to leave.

2. Click on the “Info” button.

The photos or initials of those in the group chat should be touched directly beneath the status bar. You’ll choose the “info” option from the new drop-down menu that will appear after this.

3. Click “End this Conversation.”

You can access the details section by using the “info” button. Simply click “Leave this Conversation” at the bottom of the screen to disappear.

If the “Leave this Conversation” option is not visible, that person in the group text either doesn’t have iMessage turned on or isn’t using the most recent iOS release.

If so, you won’t be able to break off the chat. Either remove the message or choose “Hide Alerts” to silence notifications as a workaround.

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Methods for deleting group texts on Android

Remove Yourself from Group Text Block

Chat for Android does not let users end a chat completely. You must instead mute the communication (Google calls this “hiding” the conversation).

The conversation will continue in Chat, but your phone won’t ring continuously when someone responds.

The methods below explain how to mute a group messaging on Android.

  • Tap the conference call.
  • Select “Hide Conversation” by tapping the downward pointing arrow at the top.

You can’t, regrettably, hide updates from one particular group text member if there is only one serious offender. The full group discussion must be concealed. You can stop that individual from messaging you directly, though.

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Disallow the senders

Remove Yourself from Group Text Block

The group text’s phone numbers can all be blocked if you choose to. Not only will this guarantee that you never receive messages from them, but it also prevents them from texting or calling you on their own.

On Apple devices, open the group chat, tap a member’s name or the list of others present at the top, then tap the tab that indicates the number of other members.

To block a caller, tap the number and then choose Block this Caller. It is not possible to perform this on a Mac; you must use a mobile device.

On an Android device, open the chat, tap the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner, then select Group details. After choosing the phone number you want to block, hit the three dots once again in the top-right corner. Choose the Block numbers.

A quick tip: On this screen, you have the option to mark the phone number as “spam,” which will notify Google and your phone company of the situation.

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Android group text should be reported.

There is also a “Report Spam” feature on some Android smartphones. The chat is then placed in a separate “Spam & blocked” folder and the group text is immediately blocked along with everyone else who is a part of it.

However, it also reports the individuals in the chat to Google and your phone provider, which may result in penalties for them, maybe even the termination of their phone accounts.

This is not the technique you want to employ if all you want to do is leave a group chat that includes all of your pals.

Open the chat window to do this, then tap the three dots in the top-right corner, followed by Group info. Verify that you want to proceed by tapping Report spam.


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