Review Of The Samsung Jet 90 Complete Vacuum Cleaner: Strong, Effective Home Cleaning!

Review Of The Samsung Jet 90 Complete Vacuum Cleaner: Strong, Effective Home Cleaning!

Although there are many inexpensive options available, a good vacuum cleaner is a valuable item to have at home. Unfortunately, cheap vacuums are frequently large, awkward to handle ergonomically or simply not powerful enough to do a good job.

Fortunately for those with larger budgets, the premium segment is expanding, with recent launches from companies like Samsung and Philips offering Dyson, which has been one of the leading players in the cordless vacuum cleaner market worldwide, with substantial competition.

Recently, Samsung introduced its Jet series of high-end cordless vacuum cleaners in India, starting at a price of Rs. 32,500. The Jet 90 Complete, the most sophisticated and potent item in the line, is what I’m examining in this article. It costs Rs. 49,990.

Is the Samsung Jet 90 Complete currently the best premium cordless vacuum you can buy in India, competing against brands like Dyson V12 Detect Slim? Read this review to find out.

Complete design and usage of the Samsung Jet 90

Samsung chose to design the Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner in a more upscale and understated manner as opposed to its rivals, which frequently have too oversized, colorful, and indiscreet exteriors.

The Jet 90 utilizes a cyclone-based suction mechanism, with nine cyclones producing the suction strength for the vacuum function. The Jet 90 is only available in one silver color option.

To keep the Samsung Jet 90 Complete clean, it’s interesting to note that the entire cyclone system and air filter are housed inside the 0.8L dustbin.

The suction input is located beneath the trash can, and the motor’s air vents are just below the trash can fixture. The airflow is given a slightly unusual and distinct path by this configuration, although the Jet 90’s performance is unaffected in any way.

It is stated that the air filter can catch 99.999 percent of dust and allergens that are 0.5 microns or larger.

Review Of The Samsung Jet 90 Complete Vacuum Cleaner: Strong, Effective Home Cleaning!

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete has a handle at the back, but because the weight of the machine is distributed away from the handle, the vacuum feels a little heavy in the hand, particularly while cleaning top surfaces.

It becomes a little bit easier to hold when the pipe and floor cleaning heads are added because the head rests on the ground and disperses some of the weight, but it still feels a little awkward. This meant that after several hours of cleaning, it became a little unpleasant to handle.

The battery slot is located at the bottom. The battery clips into place and may be released with just as much simplicity using a quick-release button. The Samsung Jet 90 Complete comes with just one battery, but if you need more, you can buy an additional battery separately.

The charging station has the useful capability of simultaneously charging a second battery, and as was already said, switching batteries is simple and rapid.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner’s controls are on the handle’s top. Along with a modest set of lighting indicators to show the active power mode and other indications like obstructions in the roller head or when the air filter needs to be changed, this also has a power button, and two buttons to alter the suction power, and a power button.

There are three power modes and a fourth “wet” mode. The wet mode requires the wet-mopping fitting, which is not included with the Jet 90 Complete in India or officially offered for sale.

Cleaning the trash on the Samsung Jet 90 Complete is a little more difficult than on rival models because even emptying it calls for completely removing and unlocking the vacuum cleaner.

Given the extra time and work required, I usually waited until the trash can was almost full before emptying it. However, this enables a more thorough cleaning of the vacuum cleaner’s dustbin and cyclone-generating mechanism, both of which may be rinsed with water as necessary.

Finished fixtures and equipment for the Samsung Jet 90

While comparable cordless vacuum cleaners offer standard charging connectors and adapters or wall-mounted docks, the Samsung Jet 90 Complete goes above and beyond by including the stunning ‘Z Station’ charging platform.

The Jet 90 vacuum cleaner and its connections may be charged and stored with great ease thanks to this sophisticated device. As previously noted, you may also charge an additional battery at the same time as the primary battery that is connected to the vacuum cleaner.

The Z Station includes a place for the second battery to charge and a substantial base that keeps it sturdy when the Samsung Jet 90 Complete is docked on it.

Review Of The Samsung Jet 90 Complete Vacuum Cleaner: Strong, Effective Home Cleaning!

Connecting to the base are the adapter and power cord. You may simply take the battery out of the vacuum cleaner and charge it on the base alone if you don’t want to set up the charger in its tower configuration for whatever reason. The vacuum cleaner charges when it is placed on the main stand, which also contains sockets for the smaller fittings to clip on for quick access.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of brushes, including a turbo action brush for tough stains on floors, a soft action brush for routine floor cleaning, a mini motorized tool for top surfaces, combination and crevice tools for specialized cleaning needs, and a flexible tool to adjust fittings to reach hard-to-reach areas.

The electricity for the motorized brushes in the first three fixtures comes from the vacuum cleaner. Additionally easily accessible for cleaning are the soft action brush and the turbo action brush.

A telescopic extension pipe with four different length points, from 930 to 1,140 millimeters, is also available. In addition to making it easier to reach heights and store the device conveniently when not in use, this aids in establishing a suitable length for floor cleaning.

When the Jet 90 is moored on the Z Station, the pipe and one of the fittings can be kept securely attached even while charging because the shortest length almost reaches the ground.

The performance and battery life of the Samsung Jet 90 are complete.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner closely resembles Dyson’s rivalry in terms of suction force. With a nine-cyclone system for suction generation and a 200W peak suction power rating, the gadget is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners in its class, and this did show in regular operation.

Of course, suction power alone isn’t enough; for a thorough cleaning, it’s also important to select the right cleaning heads that can efficiently remove dirt and dust from a variety of surfaces.

Although I did occasionally find the turbo action brush to perform better, especially over carpets, and when it was extremely nasty, I found that the gentle action brush with the fluffy roller was sufficient for hard floors.

The little motorized tool is designed to be used without an extension pipe on soft surfaces like couches and mattresses for routine cleaning.

Although the head is somewhat flexible, I discovered that it wasn’t as good at gathering dirt and dust from irregular surfaces like the spaces between cushions or the fabric knots on sofas.

Review Of The Samsung Jet 90 Complete Vacuum Cleaner: Strong, Effective Home Cleaning!

Nevertheless, throughout my time using the Samsung Jet 90 Complete, every motorized head consistently avoided tangles or obstructions. For the occasional buildup of filth, knotted ribbons, and paper scraps, cleaning these heads was also pretty simple.

The smaller, non-motorized fittings were useful for cleaning hard surfaces like table tops and countertops or getting into small crevices, and they performed as intended.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner’s “Mid” power level is the active setting and is selected by default each time the device is turned on. I frequently used it while conducting my evaluation because it produced enough power for the majority of daily cleaning jobs in my house.

For really difficult cleaning activities, such as vacuuming over carpets and rugs, I periodically had to boost the power to “Max.”

For a quick floor clean, the battery-saving ‘Min’ level might be sufficient, but I typically preferred using the ‘Mid’ level. The Samsung Jet 90 Complete can sound rather loud and shrill at its highest power setting, but at the “Mid” or “Min” levels, it didn’t sound too loud or unpleasant.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete vacuum cleaner’s battery life is adequate, but it doesn’t quite measure up to that of competitors with comparable price tags like the Dyson V12 Detect Slim.

When utilizing a motorized cleaning head, I was able to operate the Samsung Jet 90 Complete for around 25 minutes on a single charge when using the ‘Mid’ power option alone. When using the ‘Max’ setting, the appliance ran for about eight minutes. With the “Min” power option, the device has a claimed runtime of up to 60 minutes.

Usually, this was sufficient to thoroughly clean two or three rooms in my two-bedroom house in a single session, or virtually the entire house when using the ‘Max’ power mode on occasion.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete’s battery life could have been a little better, but it didn’t materially interfere with my ability to use it effectively on a regular basis. The vacuum cleaner needed around three hours to fully charge.


Despite the availability of many inexpensive vacuum cleaners, purchasing a high-end cordless vacuum cleaner has many advantages. While the Samsung Jet 90 Complete is obviously pricey compared to other vacuums, it also provides the kind of high-end performance you would anticipate from a high-end vacuum.

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete offers a superb cleaning experience overall thanks to its strong suction, well-supplied fittings, and distinctive and practical Z Station charging dock.

Nevertheless, there are a few small flaws, such as average battery life, a difficult-to-use technique for emptying the trash, and an awkward handle position. The overall excellent experience I had with the Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner was not much diminished by these concerns, though.

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim is also worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a bit more in the way of features due to its laser dust detection technology and insights on dust accumulation. The Samsung Jet 90 Complete is attractive and offers straightforward cleaning. The Dyson vacuum cleaner has more suction power, but the Jet 90 is considerably cheaper.


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