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starz outlander season 6 episode 7

It’s always the ones who are quiet!

Lizzie Wemyss and Jo and Kezzie Beardsley, collective church mice, let their freak flags fly in a big way in Sunday’s Outlander, divulging to Jamie and Claire that a) they’re a thruple, and b) Lizzie is pregnant with one of the Beardsley twins’ kid, but neither she nor the brothers know who it is.

And, to be honest, I’m grateful. Given that Claire is plagued by visions of one of the men who raped her and concludes the hour with that man’s brother arresting her for murder, the lighthearted subplot is extremely refreshing. At the very least, she admits to Jamie that she’s been inhaling ether to get away, so there’s that.

The highlights of “Sticks & Stones” are listed below.

I Don’t Have Time to Pray

Following Malva’s death, a stone-faced Tom simply wants to know how long his daughter lived before she died. Claire, who is still reeling from the news, believes it would have happened quickly. He grunts, “No time to ask for forgiveness then,” and determines that Malva and her infant boy will be buried in the woods rather than sullying the graveyard’s sanctified grounds with their guilty bodies. Claire and Jamie, however, overpower him, announcing that they will hold a service, with Roger leading it.

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Jamie transports Malva’s body to the operating room so Claire may suture her wounds. Herself is in a poor way, trembling and being taunted by both Malva and Lionel Brown. Though she manages to stave off her sadness with a few swigs of whisky, she eventually returns to the mask. Meanwhile, some of the fishermen begin to comment on Claire’s “sharp tongue and sharper knives,” and inquire as to whether Malva was alive when Claire hacked into her belly for the baby.

‘Our Entire World Crumbles Into Dust without You’

Claire breaks down in tears as she explains what she’s been seeing and hearing, and she tells him that her capacity to compartmentalize her emotions is rapidly eroding. She feels immediately guilty for everything, even Bree’s rape and Roger’s enslavement, because none of it would have occurred if she hadn’t been “selfish” and gone back in time to be with Jamie once again.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

Jamie suggests a different perspective: she is the lynchpin that brought their family together and maintains it together. “Our entire universe breaks into dust without you,” he continues. As she tears, he tells her that “you found me in the dark” after Wentworth. He asks her to let him in so he may do the same for her without resorting to ether oblivion. He kisses her on the forehead and hugs her close, yet… Jamie’s expression is (understandably) concerned.

Richard Brown and his men ride up to the Big House with guns blazing at the end of the episode, intending to arrest Claire for the murder of Malva Christie.

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Three Parts of A Love Story

Remember how, a few episodes ago, Lizzie became ill and Bree sent the Beardsley twins to her house with the ointment to treat her malarial fever? As they both rubbed it all over Lizzie’s body, what began out as medicinal grew into foreplay, and… oops. Lizzie is now pregnant, and she isn’t regretful — yet Jamie knows he needs to address this matter quickly before the rest of the Ridge finds out and spreads the news.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

He insists that Lizzie marry one of the Beardsleys, despite her refusal. She protests, “Ye donna understand, they’re one spirit in two bodies!” (Aside from Sam Heughan’s line delivery on “vegetarians” in a talk with Roger, my favorite element of this episode is how thoroughly he infuses all of Jamie’s dialogue with Lizzie with a sense of GOOD GOD WOMAN I DIDN’T HAVE TIME OR ENERGY FOR THIS.) Jamie decides to have the lads draw straws for Lizzie’s hand, with Kezzie receiving the short stick. So Jamie marries them right there and then, instructing Jo to leave the Ridge the next day and not return until the baby is born.

But what Jamie doesn’t know is that Lizzie and Jo go to Roger and Brianna’s that night and ask Roger to headfast them, letting them in on the pregnancy news but neatly disregarding the handfasting that happened earlier at the Big House. What’s a laird to do when he finds out what happened the next morning, thanks to Bree and Roger on their way out of town?

Lizzie Expresses Her Emotions

 Outlander Season 6 episode 7

We’ll start with a narrative that popped up throughout the broadcast and that we’ve been teased about for quite some time. Lizzie is expecting a child, but she isn’t blaming Jamie for it. No, but that doesn’t mean she’s aware of the father’s identity. What she does know is that it’s one of two people…specifically, one of the twins.

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Lizzie has slept with both twins, it turns out. Claire is more receptive to a polyamorous relationship, but Jamie is dissatisfied. When Lizzie is unable to choose a brother, he forces her to pull straws.


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