A security camera for your car that connects to Ring’s larger home security ecosystem was first announced in 2020. The newest security product from Ring, Car Cam, is already accepting pre-orders, a little bit later than its anticipated 2021 release date. The device is rather little, but it extends upward and away from your dashboard on a cantilever arm to give it the required height.

Two cameras are there, one to monitor the interior and the other facing the front window to record any insurance-worthy occurrences. If the system’s sensors are startled, it will start a recording and send you a notification through the Ring app so you can see what is happening. The device has a microphone and speaker, much like pretty much every other Ring product, so you can watch who could be lurking in your car and talk to them.

Additionally, Car Cam was created to record video at traffic stops and will start recording automatically if you say “Alexa, record.” (Which, when you stop to think about it, says a lot about how little even a business with strong links to law enforcement thinks about the objectivity of what happens at traffic stops.) The hardware uses WiFi for communication unless you choose LTE by purchasing a Ring Protect Go subscription. It is powered by the car’s battery and linked via the OBD-II connector.

Ring has added that you will have the option to activate end-to-end encryption and that a recording won’t start unless it is triggered, just like its other products. The internal camera and microphone can be blocked when a privacy shutter is closed, it was added. Pre-orders will be accepted starting today, with shipping scheduled to start in February. However, there is a considerable incentive to pre-order now rather than wait for the retail launch. While Protect Go will cost $60 a year, or $6 a month, the Car Cam will retail for $250, but early pre-order consumers may get theirs for $200.

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