Rippaverse Controversy: Disrespecting A Culture Nets $2.5M for An Anti-Woke Comic Book!

Rippaverse Controversy

When the first independent comic book publisher launched his Rippaverse, pre-order sales for Isom #1, the debut comic book by YouTube pundit Eric D. July, exceeded all expectations.

Even with lots of time left in his crowdfunding campaign, the total amount of money raised for July’s debut comic series is now close to $2.5 million, considerably exceeding his initial pre-order campaign goal of $100,000 in sales and achieving it in just one week. That undoubtedly represents a significant increase over DC Comics’ entire last month’s sales.

The comic book business has been placed on notice by July’s spectacularly successful launch, which also marks the beginning of the “Iron Age” of comics, which RazörFist believes will spell the end of traditional comics.

Eric D. July, better known by his stage name “YG Rippa,” is a musician who also draws comics. He is the lead singer of the metalcore band BackWordz.

A YouTube celebrity by the name of YoungRippa59, also frequently discusses politics and pop culture there. He also frequently criticizes what he terms “wokeness” and “tokenism” in the entertainment industry, particularly the comics sector, where he has observed an increase in identity politics at companies like Marvel, DC, and other comic book publishers.

Rippaverse Controversy

While he frequently praises the comics he likes, he is unforgiving of books that he believes are badly done or ignore established canon, which he believes is crucial to the long-term success of any comics world.

The Blaze highlighted his recent accomplishment and provided their opinion on why July has become so well-liked among other comic book enthusiasts. The outspoken libertarian not only co-founded “Being Libertarian,” but also often contributes there.

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Legacy publishers like Marvel Comics and DC Comics have recently taken a left turn that has turned off some readers. Some fans support the drive for diversity, while others complain that good narrative has been hampered by “woke” industry activists. Controversies over unexpected and dramatic alterations to long-standing characters, such as making Batman’s sidekick Robin bisexual, have divided the fan base.

Among those who object to the path the business has taken in July, are content producers, musicians, and lifelong comic book lovers.

Between replacing all of these characters and having this crazy social justice push, disrespecting the audience, and other things, I thought, “You know what? I will be a part of the solution, July said in an interview with TheBlaze.

With the backing of his thousands of fans, July also hopes to utilize his comics to convey good stories. He believes that his early success shows how many comic book enthusiasts are willing to support a “parallel economy” that will challenge the industry’s “old guard.”

The Rippaverse’s code of ethics, according to July, will put the consumer’s needs first to avoid the excesses of previous confusing comic book plots. Additionally, he promises that his comic book publishing business would “keep reboots to a minimum” and make it easier for readers to follow Rippaverse’s narratives.

“The Flash was one of my first picks for my favorite comic book character. Why? I was a fast kid, and he ran quickly. You know, you participate in Field Day, and those who know me know that I competed in track and field at the collegiate level all the way through.

And that’s why it spoke to me,” July affirmed. But as I grew older, it was like Batman and some of the experiences he had, essentially growing up without a father being around, and all those sorts of things I related with as I grew older.

We aren’t writing for the audience, he continued. “I’m not in the business of giving people advice and telling them how they should conduct their life.

Rippaverse Controversy

However, there are some universal truths that I will admit, and I believe that’s what’s sort of missing these days in comic books because, regrettably, readers have put other things before presenting a decent tale.

If they are ever acknowledged at all, those universal truths are only incidental.

In addition, July intends to use his position on the Rippaverse to invite other creators to share their works without worrying about censorship or criticism:

“There are a lot of brilliant people in our corner, on our side of the argument, who believe in the importance of liberty. They simply haven’t been found, regardless of your political views—conservative, libertarian, or whatever. Because they have to work for the old guard, they are in hiding, he claimed.

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“What feels wonderful is that I get to contact them first, otherwise, that is the pool from which we have to choose. I get to mention our community before I start doing anything externally.

I get to put out the call at — “Hey, we’re searching for this” and point to folks who are in our area. We’re seeking for that, so give these individuals well-paying positions so they may start something new or contribute to it while also knowing that no one will despise them.

When creative give their audience what they want and demonstrate that they care about them, they may get a lot of support. Eric’s achievement of reaching his first goal for the crowdfund within a few hours of its start is still quite an astounding effort.

Rippaverse Controversy

Naturally, there were instant critics of July’s enormous success given that he frequently critiques contemporary comics. The largest was the comic book subreddit, one of the first to forbid allusions to the comic and ban any users from doing so.

As Bounding Into Comics has reported, July is not the first comic book creator to be immediately banned from the comic books subreddit. Former DC Comics artist and creator of Cyberfrog Ethan Van Sciver has also been banned, along with well-known comic writers like Eisner-winner Mike Baron, for simply associating with “Comicsgate.”

To put it another way, any creator associated with the Comicsgate tag is automatic “part of a hate group that promotes racism and is against inclusivity,” or something along those lines, so the millions of Reddit users who have joined the largest online forum discussing comic books are not even allowed to mention comic books from these creators without risking a permanent ban.

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Since Eric D. July just so happens to be Black, his critics made a lot of racial remarks as well, which may be hurtful to those made of softer material than July.

The hateful people’s excessive racism and stupidity didn’t fade after July.

Eric is demonstrating that one need not have consent to create. We hope he can handle this enormous accomplishment with agility and accuracy, as the haters will undoubtedly hold him responsible for any faults or blunders, even those in manufacturing and fulfillment. We wish Eric all the best, as we do for every independent creator.

Avery Silman, a regular Texas rancher who acquires superpowers, is the protagonist of the superhero narrative “Isom.” To fight an old buddy who has now turned into one of the most dreaded individuals in his city, Silman is summoned back into action after leaving the life of a superhero. You can pre-order the Isom comic here and support the initiative.


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