Samsung Doesn’t Want to Cut Corners on Its Smartphones in 2023

Samsung doesn't want to cut corners anymore on its 2023 smartphones

Samsung’s phones are among the greatest Android phones available, especially when considering the company’s premium models. They are commonly perceived as feature-rich and uncompromising. But the corporation also appears to recognise that it must go all-in in order to directly challenge Apple. In 2023, Samsung may modify its strategy to keep phones competitive and strong, rather than committing a significant amount of resources to cost reduction, which might result in the best Samsung Galaxy S23 range to yet.

According to Korean news outlet Hankyung (via SamMobile), Samsung Electronics’ Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee reportedly ordered the company to come up with ways to be more competitive “without getting caught up in cost reduction.” Samsung’s flagship smartphones are already as uncompromising as Samsung phones can be, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra coming with top-notch build quality, absurdly powerful specs, and crazy cameras. Samsung is attempting to play both sides here.

Perhaps the most unknown aspect of this strategy is its effect on historically affordable phones, such as several models in the wildly successful Galaxy A series. Will the increased emphasis on quality at the flagship level trickle down and elevate this series? Or will the corporation truly produce less and fewer of these models in the coming years? In the end, though, this should be considered good news, as it indicates that the company’s already-excellent smartphones are becoming even better.

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In 2023, the company will apparently stop using its Exynos chipsets in favour of Qualcomm’s more powerful Snapdragon silicon, so this may be one of the ways that Samsung ceases cost-cutting, as in-house Exynos processors are likely the less expensive alternative. The Galaxy S23 range is also rumoured to feature a more uniform appearance and, in the case of the Ultra, a 200MP camera.

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