Samsung Galaxy S23 Models Are Rumored to Share the Same Screen Specifications!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Models Are Rumored to Share the Same Screen Specifications!

Even though the Galaxy S23 series won’t be released for another few months, rumors suggest that little will change from the Galaxy S22 series as it now stands. The Galaxy S23 will continue to have the same screen size and display resolution across the lineup, according to a fairly trustworthy tipper.

The size and fundamental screen specifications of the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra will be similar to those of the current Galaxy S22 family, claims Ice Universe. It is broken down specifically as follows.

The Galaxy S22 was 14.60 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm in size and featured a 6.1-inch FHD display. With dimensions of 146.370.97.6mm, the Galaxy S23 will have a slightly larger body but the same screen size. Basically, it will be a bit wider and taller.

Within its 157.475.87.64mm frame, the Galaxy S226.6-inch +’s FHD display was housed. Samsung’s “Plus” variant, which measures 157.876.27.6mm, is somewhat thinner than the smaller phone while also being significantly taller and wider. But there’s no change in the size of the display.

Last but not least, the Galaxy S22 Ultra had a 6.8-inch QHD display in a boxier 163.377.98.9 mm construction. Evidently, the 163.478.18.9 mm dimensions of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be very similar.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Models Are Rumored to Share the Same Screen Specifications!

Does this indicate that Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones won’t be upgraded at all? Not at all.

Given the 2,000-nit maximum brightness of the iPhone 14 series, it appears highly likely that Samsung will upgrade its own flagships, which also obtain their panels from Samsung, the same supplier as Apple.

In its “high brightness” outdoor mode, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can reach a maximum brightness of 1,750 nits or 1,200 nits. We anticipate a flatter display on the S23 Ultra as well.

The Galaxy S23 series, however, appears to be a very understated upgrade overall. Previous reports stated that these new phones’ designs wouldn’t alter at all, and components like the camera were also predicted to remain largely the same. Nevertheless, Samsung is anticipated to use Snapdragon CPUs in the majority of locations as part of a new partnership with Qualcomm.


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