Samsung Galaxy S9: What we know so far

With MWC 2018 only a couple of weeks away, we rounded up all of the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours/info cruising around the inter webs:

  • Latest renders and leaks suggest a very similar design to the S8
  • Battery size will be the same
  • New waterproofing for the display
  • Same 18.5:9 aspect ratio AMOLED display

The front of the phone seems to be nearly identical to the S8 but the rear has several notable changes:

  • Fingerprint scanner is now centred
  • Camera stack will be vertically aligned


It also seems like the 3.5mm headphone jack will be retained and the addition of stereo speakers will make a definite improvement in sound quality.

As usual, the new Galaxy S9 is a clear improvement over the previous S8. However, we see the S9 as an incremental improvement with no major changes that make it a must-have device.

The S9 was expected to have been Samsung’s response to Apple’s iPhone X. Our prediction is that Samsung will make the new Note 9, that will be announced later in the year, their proper response the the iPhone X. Also, since the price of the S9 is expected to be similar to the S8, we therefore expect the Note 9 to compete with the iPhone X on price.

With foldable screens being the latest tech that may be the next killer feature on smartphone, we assume that next year’s Galaxy S10 will be the big step forward that everyone is waiting for.


Vinodh Moodley

Author and tech addict. Vinodh loves new software, hardware and technology but he enjoys writing about it even more. Vinodh is an avid sim racer and captain's an indoor cricket team.