Sandy’s Queries For Below Deck Med Kyle And A Guest Could Kiss!

Sandy's Queries For Below Deck Med Kyle And A Guest Could Kiss!

I’m not in it. Following the possibility of a second stew Kyle Viljoen kissing a visitor in the Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 teaser, Captain Sandy Yawn clarified why such conduct is frowned upon in the yachting community.

“Recall the earlier seasons when that incident involved a different staff member. Simply said, you shouldn’t cross that line. Sandy, 57, said in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, July 6, about Hannah Ferrier and Bobby Giancola’s fleeting interactions with other charter guests in season 2.

The skipper claims that the limitations are in place when the crew members are serving the visitors. “What they choose to do in their own life after leaving the ship is up to them. So go ahead if they want to hook up with customers once they’ve been signed off the ship, she said. “I’m a total lover. I got in love. I want everyone to be loved, but you can’t do that in a workplace.

All new department heads were introduced to the public during season 7, including Raygan Tyler as the bosun, Natasha Webb as the chief stew, and David White as the chef. Following Malia White’s return as director of the exterior for seasons 5 and 6, there has been a reorganization.

Sandy's Queries For Below Deck Med Kyle And A Guest Could Kiss!

Sandy said that she was initially unaware of the bosun’s propensity to take excessive breaks, in reaction to Raygan’s more laissez-faire attitude in the premiere.

“Of course,e I’m going to pay more attention while I’m learning the boat because I didn’t have two crew members, Mzi “Zee” Dempers and Storm Smith. While Jason [Gaskell] was working, I was unaware that Raygan was smoking, she said.

“I kind of got the feeling that they get to have free run,'” the speaker said. See what they can accomplish, shall w?. Even if I won’t stand over them, I wouldn’t sit on the bridge knowing that the crew members are in trouble and refuse to help them.

“Sometimes you had to be in and get your hands filthy,” the Bravo star continued. I have high expectations, therefore I want [my staff] to feel like they have my backing.

The change in the Mediterranean season presented Sandy with several difficulties. “I approach it with the mindset that it is new. There will be a steep learning curve for us, she warned. I had to discover that stabilizers on boats frequently fail. Therefore, I concentrated on getting familiar with the boat, having faith in the crew, and then researching Malta’s weather.

Sandy's Queries For Below Deck Med Kyle And A Guest Could Kiss!

The reality personality also discussed the positives and negatives of accepting so many newbies.

“I enjoy offering folks fresh chances. Since the team may not have the experience they claim to have, things may not go your way when you’re under pressure, she added.

“I would want to have former crew members who have experience and who have collaborated with me in ideal circumstances. That would be [selfish] on my side, though, as I wouldn’t be giving others a chance. I was given a chance, therefore I prefer to combine the new with the old. a good balance

On Monday, July 11 at 8 p.m. ET, Below Deck Mediterranean will return for its seventh season on Bravo. Peacock will start airing new episodes a week early on Monday, July 4.


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