Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2: Dungeon Guide And Other Tips To Destroy Vorgeth And Dul Incaru!

Shattered Throne Map

At this time, a door at the opposite end of the chamber opens, revealing a concealed location where the boss is hiding. Shattered Throne Map 2022: A player scans the scene as the door closes and the fight starts as the teams gather in this room.

You move through the area in a group in a clockwise orientation after killing the first wizard on the left. The drop is very straightforward on the way down, and there aren’t many foes. the one map was shattered.

The Labyrinth in Part One

Shattered Throne Map

You’re going to need a map once you’re inside the blustery, dull Ascendant Realm. I’ve developed one conveniently, and it should work better than the MS Paint versions that are popular.

The earliest and most complicated section of the Shattered Throne, often known as the labyrinth, is covered by the map. The objective is to destroy each of the seven temples in the labyrinth, which are identified by the symbols on our map, in a specific order.

Knowing how the temples are connected is crucial because the order varies each time. Nevertheless, you’ll always begin and conclude at the lower, center temple, which is identified by the “diving bird” sign.

After you enter the diving bird temple, kill the yellow-bar ultra thereby continuing straight after the combat begins. There will be another symbol on the ground.

Go to the corresponding temple after locating that symbol on the map. You can return to the diving bird cathedral by following our map and repeating these steps. The last mini-boss will appear. Kill it to obtain your potent loot, then descend to the subsequent area.

The most challenging aspect of this meeting is staying on track. The temple bosses themselves aren’t all that dangerous; the majority have easily sniped. Taken Thrall that spawn on land should be avoided, as should Take Phalanxes that spawn on various floating platforms.

Be extremely cautious of them since taken Hobgoblins will also spawn everywhere across the maze. I’m telling you, they’ve ended solo faultless runs more frequently than certain bosses. Otherwise, just carefully follow the map and take things out one by one.

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The Hike in Part Two

Shattered Throne Map

There is a straight path at the bottom of the hole. Continue on it until you descend once more into a wide region. To stop the Taken Vandals from shooting from above, equip anything with a respectable range.

Otherwise, just keep going. A second miniboss is waiting for you at the top, in front of a large door. You know what to do.

This door opens up to a large hallway that has a broken bridge running down the center of it. Along the far walls, there are taken Hobgoblins and Knights, and there are taken phalanx on the bridge.

Once more, you’ll need a bow, a sniper rifle, or another long-range weapon. The majority of the knights and hobgoblins can be eliminated from the doorway.

Following that, advance along the room’s perimeter, snipe the Phalanx in the center and then jump over to the bridge. Then advance along the left route after sniping the remaining Hobgoblins.

It’s time for some more terrifying platforming, this time in the style of Dark Souls. You’ll eventually arrive in a room that is extensively covered in thin beams. As you might have guessed, your goal is to avoid plummeting to your death by making it to the doorway on the far left side of the chamber.

The problem is that some of the circular platforms will produce Taken Ogres as you ascend. As soon as you see or hear the ogres spawning, retreat and pull your sniper out since they will knock you off your feet in an instant. Pick them off while staying out of reach.

On certain of the platforms, rotating Taken orbs will also spawn, but by strategically leaping between the beams, you can avoid them. As long as you deal with the Ogres quickly and pay attention to your jumps, you should reach the conclusion rather easily.

The next part is an homage to the Crota’s End raid in the first Destiny. It’s a hallway, plain and simple, full of Shadow Thrall. The challenge is that you are suppressed the entire time, which prevents you from running, double-jumping, or naturally regenerating health. Your only goal is to make it to the finish line.

To completely destroy this section of the dungeon, all you need to do is bring your favorite alternate healing methods, such as a Warlock healing rift, a Hunter’s Exotic Wormhusk Crown, or an Exotic hand cannon Crimson.

Stick together, hug the left wall, and grab onto W—really it’s not that difficult. Throw an AoE grenade if you find yourself in a tight spot. Go all the way to the finish and leap past the iridescent barrier to descend into a little chamber. To begin the next conversation, proceed to the cathedral in the distance.

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Third Section: Vorgeth, the Endless Hunger

Shattered Throne Map

The first boss of Shattered Throne is about to start. Four Wizards, each with their own entourage of foes, are stationed in front of the enormous Taken Ogre Vorgeth. It is necessary to eliminate Vorgeth’s Wizard guards in order to collect their dropped orbs, place all four of them in one of the lights in the center of the arena, and complete the battle.

This will allow you to DPS Vorgeth by reducing his shield. Let’s talk about the fight as getting to that point needs a lot of precise timing and cover shooting.

When you first descend, there will be two Wizards surrounding you—one on the wall to your right and one immediately to your left. You should first deal with the four Taken opponents that are guarding each Wizard—two Vandals and two Goblins—because they can use shields.

In order to protect yourself from Vorgeth and the Wizard to the right as much as possible, use the pillars to the right of the starting place. Don’t be scared to dump some heavy into the Wizard on your left; you want to kill him as soon as possible.

A purple orb that grants the Petitioner’s Mark benefit will fall from a dead wizard when it dies. To put out the light, you need four stacks of this bonus, but you lose all of your stacks if you die.

At the same time, if you don’t replenish your buff and obtain a new orb every 45 seconds, you’ll perish. In other words, from the time you pick up an orb, you have 45 seconds to kill the following Wizard.

Don’t grab the first orb right away keep that in mind. Do the next Wizard and its guards first, instead. Grab the orb and push up to start traveling counterclockwise around the arena after you’ve killed a handful of them. This route reduces downtime and makes you less vulnerable to Vorgeth.

Bring a long-range void weapon because the Wizards will be using void shields. The Hammerhead machine gun will devour both the Wizards and Vorgeth, and almost anything will be effective in a group.

This battle can also be soloed quite well using the Subtle Calamity void energy bow. As well as allowing you to cover while charging your shot, it will one-shot Vandals and Goblins and two-shot the shields of Wizards.

Move from Wizard to Wizard, timing your orbs correctly. It should be noted that when an orb is acquired, everyone gains Petitioner stacks, therefore only one person needs to survive the entire phase.

Your buff will change to Petitioner’s Burden when you have collected all four orbs. The lamps should now be lit. Pick one away from where Vorgeth is right now, approach it, extinguish it, and then retreat to DPS Vorgeth.

Here, machine guns and Whisper of the Worm are both quite potent. Use Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun, Chaos Reach, or Well of Radiance against supers. Titans have the ability to use Hammer of Sol and Melting Point.

Throughout this phase, Vorgeth will sporadically launch volleys of homing shadow orbs that, if you don’t shoot them down, will kill you. If you consider it necessary, designate someone as the orb wrangler.

It won’t harm to shoot all four, even if you only need to kill three orbs to escape danger. You can safely ignore the orbs if you’re inside a Well of Radiance.

When the DPS cycle begins, try to kill Vorgeth. Wizards’ second rotation will be far more challenging because you’ll be exposed after the DPS cycle ends. Get to whatever cover you can find, melt the nearest Wizard, and then restart working counterclockwise if you don’t manage to kill him the first time. You’ll get your stuff when Vorgeth dies.

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Dul Incaru, the fourth section

Shattered Throne Map

The remainder of the way is a long but clear one. Although there are several opponents and some risky jumps including wall-mounted boppers that will push you off ledges, nothing particularly challenging or novel is involved. Follow the bad guys once more and keep climbing.

The final boss of the Shattered Throne, Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return, is located in a small temple area that you will ultimately reach. Let’s go over the mechanics because she is less difficult than Vorgeth but yet somewhat different.

Three Taken Champions, or powerful knights, stand watch over Dul Incaru. To DPS Dul Incaru, you’ll need the orbs that these Champions drop when they die.

Try to slay all three Champions before grabbing their orbs simultaneously because the buff these orbs offer has a time limit. The Champions become impervious if you take too long to kill them; Dul Incaru will call a crystal to make them so at the back of the room.

Should this occur, shoot the crystal as soon as possible (a shotgun works nicely for this) and then return to the Champions. Kill taken psions as soon as you can because they’ll increase if you leave them alone and spawn in during the battle.

The main difficulty here is the small arena. It is so little that you can’t put much of a space between you and the Taken Champions, and it doesn’t provide much cover to hide from Dul Incaru’s strikes.

Get outside the entrance doorway as soon as the conflict begins since the sides provide better cover. Due to their vulnerability to headshots and the fact that it will stun them, Whisper of the Worm is excellent for eliminating Champions.

Start harming Dul Incaru as soon as you get all three orbs—at least two are preferred, but three are best. The same weapons and supers that you used against Vorgeth should be employed here.

No matter what you use, you will unquestionably fire her up because this fight has a significant bonus. For instance, Whisper of the Worm deals one million damage per headshot when three orbs are used. She will most likely pass away in one DPS cycle, so there.

Dul should pass away shortly after you take the last orb if all goes as planned. Voila! Down, Shattered Throne. Do it alone now. Next, attempt it alone without dying. Both teams and lone players can succeed using the techniques in this manual.


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