Shein’s Rising Star Among Young Adults


Although Amazon again topped the list of young shoppers’ favoured retailers in Piper Sandler’s 44th semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” research, Shein solidified its position as the runner-up.

Approximately 52% of the 14,500 teenagers from 47 states who participated in the study name Amazon as their favourite online retailer. The remaining three spots are filled by Shein (8%), Nike (6%), and Lululemon (4%) respectively.

With 4% of the market share, Shein ranks as the sixth most lucrative apparel label. Nike (31%), Lululemon (6%), American Eagle (6%), and H&M (4%) round out the top four. Athleisure remains a top category in the clothing industry, with brands like Nike and Lululemon reaching new heights. Vans is no longer in the top ten most often worn brands of footwear and apparel.

Edward Yruma, a research analyst at Piper Sandler, believes the adolescent market for athletic gear may have reached its maximum. Interestingly, Yruma reports that the proportion of wealthy adolescents who like ‘athletic’ clothing brands has remained steady at 44% since a poll was last done in the spring of 2022.

Shein’s Rising Star Among Young Adults

Trump noted that while 60% of teens think Nike makes the greatest sneakers, Converse has been gaining ground at the expense of Adidas (7%) and Vans (7%) in recent years. Crocs have moved up from the sixth spot to the fifth spot as the preferred shoe brand, with 2% of respondents opting for them. Hey, Dude has moved up from the ninth spot to the seventh spot.

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Meanwhile, Yruma observed that the popularity of both Under Armour and Dr Martens was on the decline.

The same survey also notes a shift in how teenagers spend their money. According to Piper Sandler, teen spending is up 3% from the previous year, with females continuing to demonstrate the biggest rise in purchasing (clothing +10%, footwear +7%).

The survey also indicated that 47% of teenagers have shopped for, and 58% have sold, pre-owned items, indicating that this age group is willing to dedicate part of their purchasing time to this market.

Just recently, Morning Consult performed a similar survey, and they found that Amazon, Walmart, and Target ranked the fourth sixth, and seventh on the list of Gen Z’s favourite brands, respectively, outranking companies like Nike, Oreo, Dollar Tree, and Apple. Older generations praised all three establishments, but the youngest generation awarded them perfect scores.

Favorability disparities for Discord, TikTok, Crocs, Snapchat, and Shein were all much smaller among Gen Z than among millennials. That is to say, members of Generation Z rated these brands much higher than millennials did.

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Shein is the go-to store for female members of Generation Z. Only 22% of adults had a favourable impression of the quick fashion brand, whereas 44% of millennials did.


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