Shep Rose’s New Girlfriend Will “Not Mess Up,” In Landon Clements’ Opinion.

Shep Rose's New Girlfriend Will "Not Mess Up," In Landon Clements' Opinion.

A dependable friend. Landon Clements, a former cast member of Southern Charm, adores Taylor Ann Green, Shep Rose’s current girlfriend, and wishes he could keep her around.

I believe she’s wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with them, and I just hope he doesn’t ruin it,” said Clements, 40, in a fully informed interview on June 30. “I’m hoping they persevere. She is, in my opinion, really, really excellent for him.

Rose, 42, and Clements, who left the Bravo series in season 4, have a lengthy relationship. Despite never having a romantic relationship, Clements admitted her love for the socialite in a season 3 episode that aired in 2016. She never followed through on her declaration of affection, but as the series went on, the two remained close.

Now that Rose and the rest of the cast have been forced to watch their best and worst moments mirrored back to them on air, the former TV personality credits the reality program with helping them evolve.

Shep Rose's New Girlfriend Will "Not Mess Up," In Landon Clements' Opinion.

She said to Us on Thursday, “Shep did a lot of self-evaluation and he didn’t like maybe some things he saw on this show. It’s a mirror; it raises a mirror so you can see. Even if someone says, “Oh, it’s a horrible edit,” what they say is true. I suppose everything seems relatively true to form, but perhaps you were too inebriated during the party or something.

Rose has always been a “big family person” who never “wanted to just be some guy hooking up with females at bars randomly,” the Georgia native revealed, adding that she believes Rose’s “20s went into his 30s more rapidly than he planned.”

Clements acknowledged that being a part of a show like Southern Charm probably made “all of us” hang onto our party days as long as we could, but she’s happy that her friend is moving on with his life. She told Us, “It’s good to watch him turn around to the Shep that I always have known and loved.” “Because I do think he briefly lost his way.”

Shep Rose's New Girlfriend Will "Not Mess Up," In Landon Clements' Opinion.

Since we’re going through things that, honestly, nobody can relate to, the present has only “made our friendships closer and stronger,” the real estate agent is grateful for all of her remaining friendships from her time with Bravo. That holds true not only for the people she knew and loved before the truth collection was published but also for those she met along the way.

She exclaimed, “I didn’t know Craig [Conover] before I did the show and I really love and adore him.” “I appreciate how committed he has been to his work. He didn’t let it make him hard, despite the fact that this material occasionally makes people hard. He rules the pillows.


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