Shower Head Cleaning Hacks: Increase The Pressure And Volume Of Your Shower By Using These Tricks!

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever been taking a shower and suddenly the water just starts blasting at you in all directions because the shower head’s openings are clogged?

Come on, this must happen to other people as well, right? I constantly find myself wiping my eyes and spitting out water as a result of the water being thrown at my face sharply.

Then, though, it barely trickles out of the holes so that it won’t shoot a water cannon at me.

So if you’re in this situation, you might be surprised to learn that the only issue with your shower is that the shower head has to be cleaned. Thought not, however. You are protected by us.

Here Are The Best Shower Head Cleaning Hacks:

Vinegar-soaked showerhead

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

Owners of Roombas, you’re in luck if you’re one of those persons who enjoy passive cleaning: One of the best methods to clean your shower head is to choose a method that does all the job for you with no effort or attention.

An elastic band or sturdy waterproof tape, a Ziploc baggie, and some white or apple cider vinegar are required.

Place the shower head’s attachment inside the plastic bag and pour vinegar into it until it is about halfway full. To stop any liquid from spilling out, seal it with a tape or elastic band.

The remaining water in the bag can then be turned on to slowly turn on the shower, filling it to the top of the shower head and covering it completely. But be careful — if the water pressure is too high, there could be a small vinegar explosion. Fill the bag gradually.

Finally, the greatest part: Set it and forget it. Depending on how bad things are, you can soak the shower head for at least an hour.

Following the expiration of your timer, cNet suggests removing the bag from the shower head and pouring the contents down the drain. It ought to be as good as brand-new, but repeat as necessary.

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Bathtub Baking Soda

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

Baking soda is a great cleanser, which I believe we have all heard. It is natural, harsh, and well-liked by people for these reasons. That is why I find it so appealing, at least.

So it wasn’t a major shock to me when I learned that I could use baking soda to clean my shower head. In order to get started, combine some water and baking soda. It should produce a beautiful paste when you do this.

Simply add extra baking soda if it becomes too sloppy at this point. You must add extra water if the mixture isn’t turning into a paste and is still powdered.

Your shower head receives the paste next. To ensure that the shower head is completely covered, you’ll merely want to rub it all over it (paying specific attention to the nozzles).

You should then give the paste somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes to sit. Immediately after the allotted time has passed, thoroughly rinse your shower head.

To confirm that the shower head is spraying properly after being cleaned, use it once again.

So that you can enjoy a lovely, even flow of water the next time you take a shower, perhaps your shower head will glitter and be clean inside after it is finished.

Cleaning the Chrome Showerheads with Lemon

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

It’s always vital to conduct research before beginning any DIY project at home, whether it be a straightforward spring cleaning job or a huge remodel. In this situation, you’ll want to be sure the cleaning technique you employ won’t damage the finish on your shower head.

There is another natural solution that will work if your shower head is chrome, according to Simply Maid:

Slice the lemon in halves, squeeze the juice into a basin, and then add some warm water to aerate.

The lemon’s actual pith can then be used to clean the shower head by wiping it down and scrubbing it with this acidic solution. This works much better than some more forceful cleaning agents.

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To Wash Your Shower Head, Pop Opens a Coca-Cola

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

Although some people might be stunned by this cleaning trick, many who have long wondered what precisely is in Coca-Cola would not be at all surprised.

Actually, reviving your shower head with the much-loved soda is highly advised!

Coke is quite acidic, with a pH balance of 2.0. As a last-minute DIY cleaning tip, Coke is commonly suggested because of its ability to dissolve stains thanks to its phosphoric acid content.

Coke is an excellent choice to restore some of the shine around the edge of your shower head because hard water accumulation can result in all kinds of stains there, as highlighted by Morning to Bed.

Use toothpicks and brushes to clean the shower head

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

Your shower head may be cleaned with anything from a sponge to a microfiber cloth, but you’ll appreciate having a few tools on hand to help you get into the nozzles’ intricate details.

Using toothpicks to help scrape away any buildup of gunk and debris in your shower head is totally safe, according to General Plumbing, as long as you’re gentle about it.

Considering how short they are, they won’t harm the shower head’s internal components and will aid in clearing out any obstructions in the holes.

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Use Some WD-40 to Keep Your Shower Head from Breaking

Shower Head Cleaning Hacks

It’s a safe bet that every homeowner who has dealt with a noisy door hinge has some WD-40 on hand for the next time anything creaks.

However, the traditional lubricant is useful for more reasons than only eradicating grating squeaks. WD-40 can clean your shower head, too, believe it or not!

The WD-40 should only be used if you’re taking apart the shower head to give it a thorough cleaning, according to the company’s website.

After removing the shower head’s screw, spray plenty of WD-40 into the nozzle to dislodge any minerals, debris, or bacteria that might be trapped inside.


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