5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy: Updated List Of Best Netflix Shows!!

5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy

Have you completed both seasons of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy? Are you searching for something new to watch on Netflix? While there aren’t many programs that are nearly as unique, silly, or even enchanting as The Umbrella Academy, there are plenty of shows that have elements of the comic-inspired show.

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to this series, with an apocalypse, a family in need of therapy, and time travel, and although there aren’t many programs that provide all of that, at least these shows supply part of what we’re looking for.

These five series, which range from magic to apocalypses, are ideal for your next binge-worthy shows.

Update 05/2022: 5 Best Netflix Shows Like The Umbrella Academy

Locke & Key

5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy

Following three siblings as they literally unlock secrets of their ancestral home after their father’s tragic death, Netflix’s adaptation of “Locke & Key” is based on the IDW comics series of the same name, written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodrguez, with colors by Jay Fotos and letters by Robbie Robbins.

The group finds a collection of keys placed around the home that can be used to unlock each other’s brains, open portals, summon previous visions, and more. Everything is lovely and pleasant at first, but the siblings soon realize that a demonic entity also wants the keys for its own reasons, raising the stakes significantly.

Netflix’s “Locke & Key” has a similar tone and tackles comparable themes to “The Umbrella Academy,” with a high-concept combination of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Season 1 is available on Netflix now, and the show has been renewed for at least two more seasons.

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The Witcher series

5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy

Magic and monsters are intriguing elements that distinguish The Witcher as a must-see series. Because it is based on a book series, it is a natural fit as a companion to all of the other series on this list.

Knowing that a second season is on the way makes the first season even more fun to watch since you know the tale will continue. And this is a tale that needs further development. Bring on the adventure, the magic, and the action.

The Magicians

5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy

Waving your magic wand (remote control) will summon The Magicians, a program about young people with special talents who go to a real-life academy to perfect their skills (turn on Netflix).

Magic is real, and fans of the genre are invited to enroll at Brakebill’s University for Magical Pedagogy in Syfy’s adaptation of You’s Sera Gamble’s book series, which some have dubbed “Harry Potter for adults.”

These youngsters, on the other hand, aren’t going to turn their ears into coin dispensers or miraculously manufacture limitless handkerchiefs from their sleeves. As these pupils are engaged in some very dark, apocalyptic arts, the series has one of television’s most spectacular deaths in recent memory.

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Warrior Nun

5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy

Warrior Nun is a must-read if you’re searching for a new, enjoyable series to read as a follow-up to The Umbrella Academy. Not only do we get magic and an epic tale, but the fact that it is based on a comic book series makes it a terrific follow-up to the Hargreeves family’s exploits.

Ava is a fascinating individual whose tale we’d want to learn more about. While there is just one season so far, it will certainly satisfy you for the time being.

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5 Shows On Netflix To Watch After The Umbrella Academy

Miguel Silvestre and Bae Doona, as well as Jamie Clayton and Max Riemelt, Brian J. Smith, and Tuppance Middleton of the band Sense8 accompanied them on stage.

Unlike most previous superhero team-ups, the characters in The Umbrella Academy share a strong feeling of camaraderie. Whatever the case may be, they may have established a dysfunctional family tied together by their abilities… or something more ethereal.

Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the creators of The Matrix and the Netflix series Sense8, explore the subject of a unique connection between individuals with outstanding talents in a small group of people from all over the globe in their new film Sense8.

They don’t have any conventional superpowers, but they can share a consciousness, which means they can share whatever skills they’ve acquired. The gang has a good kickboxer, which is lucky. Despite the fact that the characters are scattered over the globe, they nevertheless perform a fan-favorite dance and song.


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