The Canadian performer expressed support for AI-generated music using her voice on Twitter and offered to act as a “guinea pig” for the cutting-edge technology.

Creatives in a variety of businesses have been shocked by the rapid rise of AI-generated art. Not all artists are opposed to the combination of AI with their creative property, despite the fact that many have drawn attention to copyright infringement issues concerning AI-generated art.

In a tweet, Canadian producer and musician Grimes claims that she will treat AI developers that use her voice equal to the other artists she works with. According to a statement made by Grimes, she would like to “split 50% royalties on any successful AI-generated song” that features her voice.

Grimes stated that she does not have a label and, as a result, “no bindings” to any significant players in the music business that would give rise to IP rights concerns.

The artist went on to explain that she believes it is “cool to be fused with a machine” and that open-sourcing art will finally “kill copyright.”

Singer Grimes Has Stated His Willingness to "Split 50% Royalties" with Ai-Generated Music

She went on to state that she was “curious” about the creative possibilities of the technology and “interested in being a Guinea pig.”

In the first tweet, Grime linked to a story about the recent uproar around AI-generated versions of Drake and the Weekend songs that have been spreading online.

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Universal Music Group, a prominent player in the music industry, addressed an email to all significant streaming services on April 13 asking them to prevent AI from using their archives for learning.

The company declared that it will take all necessary action to safeguard both its rights and the rights of the artists it represents.

However, AI-generated deep fakes that use real people’s voices and photos are already giving people enormous hassles and raising ethical questions.

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Recently, a German newspaper created a bogus interview with Michael Schumacher using artificial intelligence.

After stories surfaced about Google employees’ concerns regarding the company’s next AI chatbot, issues are even surfacing within the startups developing the technology.

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