Snoop Dogg Net Worth In 2022 -Check Out How Wealthy The American Rapper Is?

Snoop Dogg Net Worth

Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor best known by his stage name “Snoop Dogg.” Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is Snoop’s full name, but that’s a lot to remember, so we’ll just call him Snoop Dogg.

He is one of the wealthiest rappers on the planet, with a net worth of $150 million. Let’s take a closer look at Snoop’s past and the lessons we may take away from his accomplishment.


On October 20, 1971, Cordozar Calvin Broadus was born in Long Beach, California. Three months after Snoop’s birth, his parents, Vernall and Beverly divorced. His father was a big part of his life, yet he wasn’t always there for him.

His mother remarried after his father passed away. Due to his affection for the Peanuts comic character, his mother and stepfather gave him the nickname Snoopy. His mother had three sons, and he was the second of them. Snoop started singing and playing the piano at Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church when he was very young.

He started rapping in 6th grade. Calvin used to help his family make ends meet by selling candies, delivering newspapers, and bagging groceries. He began gang banging and running the streets in his teenage years, despite his mother’s best efforts to keep him singing in the choir and playing football instead of gang banging and running the streets.

He belonged to the Eastside’s Rollin’ 20s Crips gang. Not long after graduating from high school, he was arrested for possession of cocaine. He was in and out of jail or prison for the next three years.

Homemade tapes were recorded by Snoop, his cousins Nate Dogg and Lil’ 1/2 Dead, as well as friend Warren G. They went by the code 213 at the time, which was the area code for Long Beach.

Snoop’s early solo freestyle song “Hold On” was on a mixtape that made its way into Dr. Dre’s hands. He was so taken aback by Snoop’s performance that he urged him to audition and introduced him to NWA affiliate The D.O.C., who showed him how to arrange his lyrics and create verses, hooks, and choruses.

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Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth

Snoop Dogg Net Worth

Snoop Dogg’s net worth is estimated to be over $150 million dollars. Dr. Dre discovered him in 1992, and he started his music career. Under the Death Row Records label, he went on to release a slew of great singles and albums.

Snoop Dogg is one of the wealthiest and most successful rappers of the 1990s rap scene, as well as one of the few who is still active today.


Dr. Dre received a mixtape featuring Snoop Dogg in 1992. Dre was so impressed that he invited Snoop to an audition after hearing the recording.

Dre began teaching Snoop Dogg how to structure his raps and became his mentor. Snoop worked with Dre on his album ‘The Chronic’ later that year, and the record helped Snoop establish a successful solo career.

Snoop Dogg’s debut album, ‘Doggystyle,’ was a major hit, and he proceeded on his path to music fame.

Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion for his reggae album in 2012, with “La La La” as his first hit.

He is now one of the wealthiest rappers in the world, having sold over 35 million albums worldwide.

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Life in Personal

Snoop Dogg Net Worth

Shante Taylor, Snoop’s high school girlfriend, and Snoop were married on June 12, 1997. They decided to divorce in May of 2004. In January 2008, they got back together and renewed their vows.

Corde (1994) and Cordell (1997), as well as Cori, their daughter, are their three children (1999). From a relationship with Laurie Holmond, Snoop has a son, Julian Corrie Broadus (1998). Corde has a son with his fiancée, Jessica Kyzer, and Snoop became a grandfather in 2015.

Brandy and Ray J, as well as pro wrestler Sasha Banks, is Snoop’s first cousins.

Snoop has been a cannabis user from the beginning of his career, and it has been a part of his persona.

Snoop claimed to have been a professional pimp between 2003 and 2004 in a 2006 interview, claiming, “That nonsense was my natural calling, and once I got into it, it was enjoyable.

For me, it was as if I were making layups. Every time, I was making them.” He went on to explain that he eventually quit up pimping to spend more time with his family after some of the pimps he knew advised him to do so.

Inglewood, California’s Mayor Snoop Dogg collaborates with city officials to give free turkeys to the least fortunate each Thanksgiving. In 2016, he distributed 3000 turkeys.

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Snoop Dogg’s Money: How Does He Spend It?

Snoop Dogg’s money has undoubtedly enabled him to afford a lavish residence.

Snoop Dogg likes to drive fast automobiles. Because he favors old cars, his car collection is one-of-a-kind. In his unique automotive collection of roughly 25 cars, Dogg owns a 1967 Pontiac Virizion convertible.

His Pontiac automobile features a yellow exterior appearance that he developed himself. A V8 engine and a 2-speed automatic transmission power the Pontiac. The 1967 Cadillac is another one of Snoop’s one-of-a-kind automobiles.

He’s bought cars like the Polaris Slingshot, Chrysler 300C, 1974 Cadillac Snoop DeVille Lowrider, 1968 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, 1968 Buick Riviera, 2011 Ford Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger SRT8, and Rolls-Royce Ghost, to name a few.

Snoop Dogg, as we all know, enjoys consuming marijuana, which can be very expensive. Snoop Dogg has an extensive jewelry collection.


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