Some iOS 16 Features Aren’t Ready, but It’s for The Best—here’s Why!

Some iOS 16 Features Aren’t Ready, but It’s for the Best—Here’s Why

Although not all of the major iOS 16 update’s features were made accessible at launch, experts agree that Apple made the proper choice to make them available later for the sake of quality and stability.

The most recent version of the operating system that drives Apple’s iPhones, including the all-new iPhone 14 series, is called iOS 16. However, in order to give itself more time to develop certain features, Apple chose to leave them out of the original iOS 16 release.

The company has since confirmed that these features will now be launched later this year. Hotly anticipated additions like Live Activities aren’t yet available as a result of this choice, but experts think the wait was justified.

When asked about Apple’s staggering debut, independent app developer Will Bishop responded via direct message to Lifewire, “The delayed launch of features is a bit chaotic this year.” In the end, I favor the strategy of providing superior software later rather than inferior software right away.

Some iOS 16 Features Aren’t Ready, but It’s for the Best—Here’s Why

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A Concern with Quality

Apple made a lot of fuss when it originally unveiled iOS 16 at its WWDC22 event in June, touting the new capabilities that iPhone customers could anticipate. Some of those features have since been postponed until later this year, but others were assigned a comparable release date back then.

Why then did some features debut in iOS 16 beta versions only to be withdrawn, and why did some features be announced even if they weren’t yet ready? One such feature is the eagerly anticipated iCloud Shared Photo Library. Before eliminating it from later iterations, Apple first allowed individuals to beta-test it.

Some people, including app developer Damien Petrilli, believe that this delay demonstrates how unsustainable Apple’s yearly release schedule is. After iOS 15, which was launched a year after iOS 14, and so on, iOS 16 was updated.

In order to work out any kinks, Apple already had to postpone iPadOS 16—an update that was initially scheduled for September 2022—by a whole month. Could there be more delays like this in the future if Petrilli is right?

If we do, most experts concur that it wouldn’t be detrimental to iPhone consumers worldwide. Jeff Kagan, a technology analyst, told Lifewire via email that he thinks Apple is acting morally even though some people would prefer a different strategy.

Even if there are issues, early adopters prefer an early release, he claimed. “The typical user prefers no issues and is patient.”

Value the Wait

Some iOS 16 Features Aren’t Ready, but It’s for the Best—Here’s Why

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A number of features, like Live Activities, the previously mentioned iCloud Shared Photo Library, and a brand-new digital whiteboard function called Freeform, will require patience from users. All of them, with the exception of Matter support, for which Apple is awaiting the final specification, might have gone live by this point.

However, Live Activities is connected to a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro feature—the Dynamic Island—that wasn’t yet publicized. Live Activities will be available on all iPhones, although they function differently on the new Pro model phones. It’s possible that Apple withheld the feature to avoid revealing the modifications beforehand (though it still leaked).

Not just for Live Activities support, users are hoping that the additions will be worth the wait, as well as for everything else that missed the iOS 16 release window. According to analysts, Apple is making use of the extra time to polish those features and fix any flaws that may otherwise have been available to actual consumers worldwide.

That is, as Kagan noted, the most crucial factor for the great majority of Apple’s sizable iPhone user base.

In fact, Kagan suggests that these individuals might wish to go beyond what Apple has already done. Because of this, he advised not updating the iOS on any of your phones, tablets, or laptops until several months have passed. “Give the business a chance to identify and resolve issues that impede the customer experience.”


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