Sony’s PlayStation Could Soon Release More Fantastic Mobile Games!

Sony's PlayStation Could Soon Release More Fantastic Mobile Games!

Sony is reentering the mobile game market with a dedicated Mobile Division and the recent acquisition of Savage Game Studios (SGS).

Ratchet & Clank: BTN and the Little Big Planet spin-off Run Sackboy! Run! are just two examples of PlayStation properties that have already appeared on mobile. And it appears that the business is following through on CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Jim Ryan’s promises from 2021 about returning to the market.

Deals have been reached with Savage Games Studio (SGS), a mobile game developer made up of numerous industry veterans from Rovio (Angry Birds) and Wargaming (World of Tanks).

It is the responsibility of SGS and the other members of the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division to develop mobile games based on both current and future Sony brands.

Though no licenses have been officially confirmed for upcoming mobile projects, it’s logical to assume that they will give the popularity of several series and other recent AAA releases like Horizon and Spider-Man.

Sony's PlayStation Could Soon Release More Fantastic Mobile Games!

The Mobile Division will, however, operate independently of the creation of console games, as far as we know—or at least as Sony has informed us.

This implies that, if all goes as planned, the PlayStation-owned games that we’ll eventually see on Android and iOS won’t be utilizing resources from console teams. So there’s no reason to be concerned that a mobile spin-off could negatively impact a game you might be looking forward to on consoles (or the people making it). Two very separate departments are involved.

The studio is now creating a “mobile live service action game” based on a AAA license, however, neither Sony nor SGS have specified what exactly is in the works. Just have to wait and see whose series it’s affiliated with and how it works.


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