Space X Employee Activists Run Into A Brick Wall

Space X Employee Activists Run Into A Brick Wall

The damage to the corporate brands that can result from internal employee complaints about inconsistencies between their stated objective and their actual track record on issues like climate change, sexual harassment, human rights, and other issues has been avoided by leading IT businesses.

The hot seat is now being occupied by SpaceX. However, SpaceX has driven itself into the risk area, facing the possibility of falling short in the competition to recruit — and keep — great personnel, instead of acting to put out the fire as some have done.

SpaceX’s actions are warned by employees

The controversy started last Wednesday when The Verge published an open letter to SpaceX management that had been uploaded on a private Microsoft Teams channel. More than 2,600 SpaceX employees are on the channel, claims reporter Loren Grush of The Verge.

Less than two days after it was released, the letter was pulled offline with more than 400 employees’ signatures, according to a follow-up article by Grush. The Verge also cited a source who stated that several workers expressed support for the letter through different channels without running the danger of being fired.

The letter was sent by a group of workers who were worried about SpaceX CEO and Chief Engineer Elon Musk’s propensity to hurl insults and other embarrassing remarks on Twitter, as well as the effect of his behavior on the reputation of their business.

Space X Employee Activists Run Into A Brick Wall

They were particularly alarmed by his flippant attitude toward the latest claims of sexual harassment against him.

The writers emphasized that it was crucial to communicate to their teams and the possible talent pool that their message did not represent their job, mission, or values.

The letter’s authors also expressed grave concerns regarding the company’s handling of harassment allegations.

To be clear, they added, “Recent events are not isolated episodes; they are representative of a larger culture that underserves many of the people who make it possible for SpaceX to achieve its incredible feats.

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veering off course in the pursuit of outstanding talent

The writers of the letter highlighted that SpaceX’s capacity to recruit and retain elite talent was being threatened by the administration of the firm, notably its CEO.

They cautioned, later adding, “The collaboration we need to make life multi-planetary is incompatible with a culture that treats employees as consumable resources.” “SpaceX’s current systems and culture do not live up to its stated values, as many employees continue to experience unequal enforcement of our oft-repeated ‘No Asshole,’ and ‘Zero Tolerance,’ policies,” they said.

Space X Employee Activists Run Into A Brick Wall

It is disrespectful and dismissive to refer to a significant DEI policy by an expletive, and the letter points out that the policy’s parameters were never explicitly stated.

The authors ask, “Is the culture we are nurturing now the one which we intend to bring to Mars and beyond?”

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At SpaceX, employee activism and free speech have taken a significant step backward.

The answer from SpaceX to the letter was either incredibly ironic, extremely hypocritical, extremely hazardous, or all three, given that Musk’s interest in free expression has increased throughout his negotiations to buy Twitter.

At least five employees of SpaceX, who were probably in charge of writing or disseminating the letter, were immediately fired, according to Reuters and other media.

One successful approach to limit employee speech is the prospect of an abrupt termination, but Shotwell went much further than that.

“The letter, solicitations and general procedure made employees feel uncomfortable, intimidated and harassed, and/or furious because the letter encouraged them to sign onto something that did not reflect their values,” Shotwell wrote in a typical example of victim-blaming.

Space X Employee Activists Run Into A Brick Wall

She continued, “We don’t need this kind of overreaching activism; we have too much important work to do.”

A whole work of Orwellian, white supremacist thinking is reflected in those short, straightforward phrases, where unacceptable behavior is utilized as a weapon against people who combat prejudice.

Voter fraud, critical race theory, diversity education, trans rights, and other issues that have an impact on business diversity, equality, and inclusion programs all share the common theme of wounded emotions. These false scandals are bouncing around the white supremacist echo chamber.

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Violence, intolerance, and entitlement

It’s hardly a coincidence that the phrase used by Shotwell seems similar.

In his public support of Facebook board member Peter Thiel, who was a crucial part of the former president Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign, Mark Zuckerberg used the same phoney “diversity” argument.

We are very concerned about diversity. When it means defending viewpoints you agree with, that is simple to state.

It becomes far more difficult when it involves defending the freedom of speech of those who hold opposing opinions. In October 2016, Zuckerberg posted on a staff message board, “That’s even more crucial (emphasis added).

Whether on purpose or not, Zuckerberg elevates feelings—”what they care about”—to the status of an unquestionable, sacred truth that takes precedence over any moral, ethical, legal, or constitutional assessment of what is actually said or done.

From there, it is a direct path to the post-election eruption of emotion, entitlement, and physical violence, which culminated in the nearly successful insurrection of January 6, 2021, and which is still occurring today in the attacks on Pride Month events across the country by the organized groups of white supremacists.

The Pride Month attacks have evolved into a testing ground and recruiting tool for individuals determined to succeed in the next revolt despite the fact that the previous attempt failed.

Companies need to cease repressing employee activists and start paying attention if they choose to disregard the warning signs or, like SpaceX, argue for the entitlement of personal feelings.


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