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Default apps are not always the best apps available for a particular platform. Email clients in particular can provide a wide range of features and functionality that are not available on the default mail clients that come pre-installed on an operating system.

We chose to use the Spark email app on iOS mainly due to it’s smart inbox feature and customizable gesture support. However, Spark wasn’t available for the Mac desktop until now. Readdle, the developers of the iOS Spark email app recently released Spark for MacOS. We installed it alongside Airmail, our current favorite email client, to find out if it’s as good as the iOS version.


Spark for MacOS is available on the Max App Store and is a free download. Setup was a simple matter of entering our email address and password and waiting for our mails to download.


Being able to swipe from left-to-right to archive mails on a mobile device becomes second nature and to have that convenience on a MacBook means that you can work seamlessly across devices without affecting your workflow.

Spark for the Mac also allows customization of gestures to get swipe actions exactly the the way you want it.

For us, a simple two-finger swipe from left-to-right to archive a mail on both our iPad and MacBook coupled with the same gesture on the Gmail app on our Nexus 6 means all three devices work the way we want them to despite running on different operating systems.


Spark supports not only multiple mailboxes but can also combine all your received mails into one Smart Inbox. Mails get automatically grouped according to Personal, Notifications and Newsletters regardless of which email address received them.

We enjoyed using this feature and loved the simplicity and seamless way in which all our emails were sorted out for us making replying quick and easy.


Sometimes a short message is enough for an email reply, WhatsApp style. Spark has a few preset messages and also gives you the option to add your own. We found that a simple click of the "Thanks" Quick Reply was extremely helpful and Quick Reply has already become a normal part of our workflow.


Spark is aimed at Apple users since it is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch only. We enjoyed our time with Spark for MacOS and have made it our default email app on all our Macs. It's a pity that it's not available for Android but it's something that we hope the developers will rectify soon.

Spark's clean design, ease of use, customizability and the fact that it's free makes it a must-have for Apple users. We highly recommend Spark to anyone looking for a better email experience and after spending a few weeks using it on a daily basis, we understand why it was presented with the Mac App Store Best of 2016 Award.

The Spark email app is available on iTunes and on the Mac App Store or via

What's your favorite desktop email client?


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