Tatsuya Endo authored and drew the Japanese manga series Spy X Family. The spy who is required to “create a family” in order to complete duty does not realize that both his adopted daughter and his false marriage partner are mind readers and killers.

An animated series based on the SPY FAMILY comics is steadily becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

As soon as the fourth episode of Spy x Family was shown, the show’s viewers were anxiously anticipating the next one. After all, a sneak peek from Spy x Family Episode 5 previews an epic clash between Loid and Yor Forger!

An episode 5 release date and time for Spy X Family

A new episode of The Spy X Family is scheduled for broadcast on May 7th, 2022.


The following is the air date and time for the fifth episode of Spy X Family:

11:30 AM EDT

4:30 PM BST

5:30 PM CEST (Japan time)

00:30 AM JST (May 8)

The new Spy X Family episode will be available to subscribers of Crunchyroll at the hours shown above. Note that it may take a few minutes before the new episode is visible to everyone. You may try reloading the page or restarting the program if it doesn’t appear.

In order to view the latest episode of a show on Crunchyroll, you’ll have to sign in or create an account first. Until then, it’s best to stay away from any and all spoilers.

Unfortunately, Spy X Family isn’t yet available on Netflix to stream. Visit Crunchyroll if you’d like to watch the latest episode.

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An episode-by-episode recap of Spy X Family’s fourth episode

Tatsuya Endo authored and drew the Japanese manga series Spy X Family.

“An Interview AT a Prestigious School,” the title of Episode 4, opens with the last preparations for the interview at Eden Academy. They examine Anya’s speech, appearance, and demeanor, and even though Loyd has some reservations, he gives the go-ahead to begin the procedure.


When they get to Eden Academy, they are taken aback by its grandeur and size, and they feel even more overwhelmed by the number of applications. Loyd continues by saying that everyone in the room is a potential opponent and that they must thus perform at their best.

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Plot summary for SPY X FAMILY episode 5

At this time, nothing is known about SPY FAMILY Episode 5. Because Episode 4 has yet to be broadcast at the time of this writing, we have no idea what will happen in that chapter. As a result, we will provide you with a summary of Episode 3:

Yor moves in with Loid and Anya now that they are married and gets a warm welcome. During a simulated interview, Loid puts Anya and Yor to the test, and they come up short on all counts.

For the benefit of Yor and Anya, Loid plans a day trip to show them what life is like in an affluent neighborhood is like.

It’s common for them to attend upper-class activities, such as attending a political rally or hearing an opera.


However, Anya’s telepathy causes her excruciating suffering in huge crowds, as we see. When Yor observes Loid’s worry and brings him to a park to unwind, he loses trust in the effectiveness of his mission.

When they arrive, they observe an elderly lady being robbed by a criminal, and Loid manages to catch him. The elderly lady expresses her gratitude to Loid and remarks on what a lovely family he, Yor, and Anya form.

This time around, Loid is able to trick the elderly woman into believing they’re related to each other a little better, reassuring himself that the mission still has a chance.

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Where To View

Spy x Family anime will be accessible on Netflix in various Asian territories, while Muse Asia will be streaming it in Southeast and South Asia. – Netflix

Crunchyroll is available to subscribers outside of these territories for $9.99 a month. To the delight of Spy x Family fans, the site’s manga and anime collections will be made available to them, along with an ad-free stream and offline viewing.


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