Star Wars Puppet Controversy: Star Wars Homosexual Agenda And Controversy Outlined In Detail!

Star Wars Puppet Controversy

Because of the anonymity that social media affords its users, fans can discuss anything and everything without having to reveal any personal information about themselves. It’s no secret that some followers are attempting to disassociate themselves from TikTok and other video-centric networks. Star Wars Dinx was born in this manner.

But who are the Star Wars Dinx, and why are they being accused of homophobia? A strange but crucial lesson in social media etiquette can be learned from this.

How Does the Starwarsdinx Saga Go Down?

Those who follow the page were treated to a post on July 15th. When the page’s owner published it in 2018, it was an older post. Here, we’ll talk about Disney’s introduction of LGBT characters.

In reaction, Starwarsdinx argues that Disney has a “homosexual agenda,” and the page’s owner expresses his views on the company’s practices. The post was immediately seen by other TikTok users, and many of them have accused the Page owner of being homophobic and racist.

Star Wars Puppet Controversy

There have been so many negative responses to this topic that they have taken over the entire comment section. Starwarsdinx appears to have deleted his own account.

It doesn’t matter whether Starwarsdinx had already posted a video on his account before removing it. People who made videos accusing him of being homophobic and racially motivated were discussed by the video’s owner.

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Other Puppet Accounts Have Slammed Him

Star Wars Puppet Controversy

Additionally, he shared and cheered discriminatory pieces about Ron DeSantis, Candace Owens, Glenn Beck, Dan Bongino, and Tim Pool on Facebook in addition to his plain homophobic shares and shouts. Hateful clown Infinity Stones is nearly complete.

To no one’s surprise, the day after the election was officially called by every major news outlet, he was also spreading conspiracy theories about it. If he was in the Capitol on January 6, there’s no evidence he was there.)

That was inspired by a viral meme.) Rather than admitting that he is homophobic because he doesn’t like homosexual people, Dinx claimed that all the vitriol directed at him was because he is Christian.

The fact that it came from a puppet made it all the stranger, even if prejudice in the Star Wars fandom and on TikTok is nothing new.

It’s fair to say that some internet puppets are just another variation of anonymous accounts, and people prefer to be themselves without being held accountable. Many similar puppet accounts (not to be confused with “sock puppet accounts”) have subsequently been discovered with enormous followings, although they are more blatant in their hatred of women’s reproductive health and the presence of LGBTQ+ individuals.

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They’re making it obvious that people like Dinx (and worse), as well as those who believe Dinx did nothing wrong, are not welcome in their sphere of influence.

Being able to witness puppets denouncing discrimination is an odd experience. In addition to that, they’re promoting their nerdy stuff, whether it’s D&D, Magic: The Gathering, or anything else.

It’s refreshing to see a fandom that isn’t afraid to include folks who aren’t like the rest of the population.

The Admin of This Page Claims That

Star Wars Puppet Controversy

The admin of the page claims that people are criticizing individuals with whom they disagree by using “loose” language. When asked about his disagreements with others, he said that he felt no animosity against them and that he loved them all.

He went on to say that the problem is that some people get a rush out of looking for a villain when there is none to be found. They create them as a way to feel good about themselves.

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In the same clip, he addressed the controversy surrounding his 2018 video. According to Starwarsdinx, he was upset with Disney’s “homophobic agenda” in an article published at the time.

It appeared to him that they did not care about the people and were manipulating the agenda to acquire more money, which sickened him even further, he claimed. According to him, his words were misunderstood, as he loves everyone and his primary concentration is on Star Wars-related entertainment.


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