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Stranger Things And The 9 Most Expensive Netflix Shows – Check Out To Know!

Stranger Things And The 9 Most Expensive Netflix Shows

Stranger Things And The 9 Most Expensive Netflix Shows

Netflix has produced wonderful, high-quality material throughout the years, but it comes at a high cost. Netflix clearly wants to stay ahead of the competition, and in order to do so, it must continue to invest and provide fans with more of what they want.

Regrettably, Netflix occasionally produces new shows that absolutely miss the mark. Those shows are also quite expensive.

That doesn’t stop the streamer from splurging on fresh content in order to delight his audience. They are willing to take chances since it is, after all, a company. The top streamer must continue to invest and hope for more hits than busts in order to retain and grow their subscription base.

We’ve decided to look back at some of Netflix’s most expensive shows from now till 2022. Unfortunately, Netflix’s show budgets are not always available. However, there have been educated approximations and projections about the budgets of some of Netflix’s most popular shows.

Netflix’s 9 most expensive series

Stranger Things

$30 million per episode is the estimated budget (as of season 4)

Stranger Things is not only one of Netflix’s most popular original series, but it’s also the most expensive. Each episode of the upcoming Stranger Things seasons 4 will cost Netflix $30 million, according to Screenrant.

Season 1 had an estimated budget of $6 million per episode, season 2 had an estimated budget of $8 million per episode, and season 3 had an estimated budget of less than $10 million for each episode. Netflix has not confirmed this budget estimate, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it is accurate.

The crown

The budget for each episode is estimated to be $13 million.

In November 2016, Netflix released The Crown, which became an instant smash. It’s the most costly original series Netflix has ever produced, but crazier things have happened in the past.

The lavish settings, costumes, cinematography, and production values account for the high budget. Season 5 of The Crown will release on Netflix in November 2022.

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$11 million per episode is the estimated budget.

The streamer only allowed lowering for one season before canceling it. I mean, the show was extremely costly to produce.

The first season was expected to cost roughly $97 million, but it ended up costing around $120 million. There was no need for spectacular effects or a well-known cast, thus the show shouldn’t have cost so much.

The Witcher

The budget for each episode is estimated to be $10 million.

The Witcher’s budget isn’t all that surprising. Even if you only watch the first five minutes of an episode, you’ll see why it cost so much to produce. According to game pressure, the first season of the fantasy series cost $10 million each episode.

The cost is influenced by the elaborate sets, combat choreography, CGI creatures, and special effects. In addition, Henry Cavill’s pay for the show is quite spectacular.


The budget for each episode is estimated to be $9 million.

Sense8 earned good reviews from reviewers and viewers alike, but it wasn’t enough. Because filming took place in several locations and not enough people watched the show to support subsequent seasons, the production expenditures for the sci-fi show were rather high.

Thankfully, Netflix provided a two-and-a-half-hour season finale to close things out.

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Estimated budget per episode: $7-8 million

Bloodline was one of my favorite television shows growing up. The suspense series was unfortunately canceled after three seasons. Netflix never gave the reason for the show’s cancellation, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out.

Bloodline’s production costs were growing, and viewers were losing interest in the show. Netflix’s decision to cancel the show was based solely on financial considerations.


The budget for each episode is estimated to be $7 million.

Bridgerton is a hugely popular show that continues to rise in popularity with each new season. The production of Season 1 would have cost $7 million per episode. We suspect the large budget stemmed from the salary of the Season 1 actors, who were mostly newbies to the entertainment world.

The high expenditure is most likely due to the several locations and elaborate clothing. It’s unclear how many seasons 2 will cost, although it’s likely to be approximately $1-2 million more than Season 1.

House of Cards

$5 million per episode is the estimated budget.

House of Cards is Netflix’s first original series, so it’s only natural that the streaming service would invest heavily in the political drama.

It also starred Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, two well-known performers. It cost a lot of money only to pay the actors. The show is said to have cost $5 million per episode to produce.

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orange is the new black.

Estimated budget per episode: $4 million

One of Netflix’s first original series, Orange Is the New Black, was an instant smash with fans. Netflix reportedly paid $4 million per episode for the prison drama. The budget for this play was expected to be greater due to the large ensemble cast.

Additionally, the show’s popularity expanded throughout its duration, resulting in a pay raise for the performers. After that, there was a seven-season run. The larger the budget, the more seasons there are.

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