Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022 Controversy – Rappers Vocalized the Controversial Message In NFL

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022 Controversy

The halftime show of the Super Bowl is known for its memorable performances. The 2022 performance was a smash hit, but it also drew criticism for the play’s underlying provocative implications.

The NFL football field is one of several sites where protests against police violence have taken place.

Some fans and NFL stakeholders were upset when players supporting the Black Lives Matter movement took a knee on the sidelines. Following Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 protest, this became a trend. Despite the fact that many fans disliked it, this technique of protest became widespread.

Despite the recent controversy, it was decided to make the 2022 halftime show humorous and free of political undertones.

Rappers Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre were not the only ones that took the stage, but they were the only ones who defied the NFL’s desires.

Starting with the famous Snoop Dogg song “Next Episode,” the show was a homage to the 90s babies in the audience. Despite the fact that the song was an instant smash with the audience,

Snoop Dogg presented an all-blue bandana tracksuit right away. This may appear trivial to an untrained eye, but his attire was chosen with purpose.

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022 Controversy

The NFL explicitly urged that he avoid any association with the “Crips,” a violent street gang in which he was a member while he was in his twenties. Not only is blue the colour of the Crips, but bandanas are also used by gang members to identify themselves.

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Snoop Dogg not only wore all blue, but he also executed the “Crip Walk” and continuously flashed the Crip gang symbol during his performance.

Taylor Buhr, a senior, watched the Super Bowl halftime performance. “I didn’t think twice about his attire or dance while watching the show,” she remarked. “I understand why the NFL didn’t want any gang connotations in the programme, but it didn’t change my mind about it.”

“It wasn’t like it inspired me to join a gang,” several viewers said, dismissing the gang references. Buhr continues.

From the outside, it appears that the event went on as planned, but Snoop Dogg was far from alone in defying the NFL. Another musician, Eminem, utilised his flashlight to demonstrate something.

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022 Controversy

He lowered his head and took a knee after his performance of “Lose Yourself,” a strong political gesture that echoed Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling. This was rumoured to be another exhibit that the NFL tried to keep out of the event, although it was not verified.

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This exhibit drew Buhr’s attention as well. “I didn’t see he was kneeling because there was so much going on during the halftime performance,” she explained. “From what I’ve heard, it’s about racial injustice, and I’m pleased he was expressing support for what he believes in.”

Despite the fact that there was a tremendous push for a totally non-controversial concert, the artists took advantage of the opportunity to be watched by millions of people. Many spectators were unconcerned and instead concentrated on the musical performance.

The disobedience, however, did not end there. Dr Dre used his music to convey a message as well. Any derogatory language concerning police enforcement had to be removed, according to the NFL. “Still not lovin’ the cops,” says Dre in one of his smash songs, “Still Dre.”

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022 Controversy

Representatives from the NFL reportedly expressed worry about the phrase’s issue and asked him to skip the line. He continued to deliver the contentious message, as he had in previous appearances.

One of the numerous spectators, senior Cece Fierce, expressed her support. “I believe he should be able to perform the lyrics to his own song,” she said. “They shouldn’t have tried to suppress him in the first place.” He challenged their restrictions, which I thought was quite amazing.”

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The halftime concert was a throwback to the 2000s, with performers that were popular at the time. The concert was a big smash, despite the performer’s preferences. Some spectators may have found displays like Snoop Dogg’s crip walk unpleasant, yet they represented much of Snoop Dogg’s heritage as an artist.

Regardless of the on-stage controversies, the performance was a big hit with audiences of all ages.


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