The company said that thousands of Optimum customers in Connecticut lost their internet service on Friday due to “suspected vandalism.”

Janet Meahan, a company spokesperson, said that the outages, which affected about 16,000 customers, could last until Saturday.

The Optimum online outage map, on the other hand, showed that more than 44,000 customers were affected by nearly 620 outages on Friday.

Meehan said, “There is a mistake on the back end of our outage map that we are working to fix.”

Meahan said that by 6 p.m. Friday, service had been restored to about 80% of those who had been affected.

“Our crews are still working to get service back on for the last few customers who are still offline, and we’re keeping our customers updated,” Meehan said.

Meahan said that the power outages were caused by someone cutting the wires.

Meehan said, “The authorities have been told, and Optimum teams are on the scene fixing the extensive damage, which we think will take until tomorrow to finish.” “We are in touch with our customers and working as quickly as we can to get service back up and running.”

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