Teachmint Web: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Teaching App!

Teachmint Web

One industry that has reaped the rewards of COVID-19 is edTech. The edtech businesses that have just been founded and those that are already up and running have both shown encouraging growth. For instance, Byju’s is currently the most valued Indian company, with a worth of almost $16.5 billion.

Some tech companies are aggressively improving their course offerings and video submission options in an effort to draw in more customers. On the other hand, edtech firms like Teachmint are working hard to support online teachers by providing tech choices for online courses.

Reviewing Teachmint’s brief yet promising past

Teachmint Web, a 2020-founded company with headquarters in Bengaluru, provides instructors with the tools they need to succeed by providing an intuitive teaching app. The core area of focus for the startup is on online solutions that are “mobile first, video first.” With just a few clicks, online tutors can create their own virtual classrooms.

The startup’s online classroom area contains tools for tracking attendance, assigning and following up on work, and collecting money, as well as the teacher’s private virtual environment, which is one of its key features.

The startup was founded by Divyansh Bordia, Payoj Jain, Mihir Gupta, and Anshuman Kumar. Currently, Mihir Gupta is the startup’s CEO, and Bordia is in charge of operations. Kumar manages the business’s technical aspects.

Before the pandemic, teaching was a form of offline coaching. For the 2020 pandemic, the organization developed an exclusive online platform for teachers. Teachmint asserts that their teaching business increased by 4x in the eight weeks following the release of the Teachmint app.

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Teachmint’s exponential growth

Teachmint Web

According to an internal report, Teachmint registered 50,000 new students per month till the end of 2020 and attracted over 2.5 lakh new teachers.

Online educators saw an increase of between 200 and 1000 percent in terms of new student enrollment. Some teachers enroll about 1600 additional students each month.

Teachmint CEO Mihir Gupta stated that the platform currently has roughly 1 million teachers signed up. There are currently 5000 cities where it is present, and the startup is expanding by 100% per month. There were 25 million live classes held in June 2021.

The growth of Teachmint activities has boosted investor interest in a company that has just been around for a year. For an edtech company, Learn Capital and CM Ventures recently secured $20 million in a round that was just completed on Thursday.

In the Series A round, which took place less than two months ago, Teachmint got $16.5 million. Teachmint’s worth tripled as a result of the two successive investment rounds stated above.

The activities for the technical infrastructure were not begun by other edtech companies because of the dominance of Zoom, Google Meet, and other edtech firms.

Teachmint believes that while these platforms are helpful for conferences and other business-related communications, they are lacking in features that are beneficial to students.

The Teachmint app’s simplicity is valued by online teachers, which is why 75% of Teachmint tutors use it for instruction rather than on web platforms.

The software supports 11 Indian languages in addition to English. To install and properly run live lessons, it just requires 14 MB of free mobile space.

Since the software doesn’t contain any educational materials, the company plans to broaden its operations abroad in the future year.

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Incredible Features of Teachmint

Teachmint Web

  • Tutoring, coaching, or teachers Classes may offer live instruction. If your internet connection is periodically unreliable, there is a low-quality mode accessible. for teachers to store their online data.
  • In addition to notifying students when teachers conduct live classes, this software also sends notifications and reminders.
  • If any students are unable to explain what happened during the next class because they missed a live online session, what should we do? Teachers must also summarise the events of the previous class.
  • That situation wastes both time and effort. Therefore, the Teachmint app has the capability to record live classes. The classes will be videotaped and made available in a day. This functionality is quite useful.
  • Online whiteboard tools are available for teachers to use in class. They are able to add text, images, and other elements to it. Whiteboards are available under the study-materials category and can be downloaded as PDF files. Students can easily obtain those notes.

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Teachmint provides an online fee management option

Teachmint Web

  • The fees for teachers can be retrieved by providing their UPI ID. These programs keep track of each student’s activities related to paying fees, which saves time and clarifies matters. This capability gives this app an extra advantage over competing apps.
  • Teachers can save a tonne of time by using this application, which tracks attendance automatically depending on batches. A tool for managing timetables is also included in this software.
  • Respond to queries from students throughout instruction. Teachers are permitted to have spirited discussions with the students.
  • Users can study uninterrupted by this app’s lack of advertisements.
  • The Teachmint app is completely secure. Student data from this app is never shared with anyone.
  • The PC version of Teachmint is just as useful and makes it simple for any teachers or coaching facilities to use.


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