Telegram Released v8.5 Update with New Interactive Emojis, Video Stickers and Improved Navigation

Telegram Released v8.5 Update with New Interactive Emojis, Video Stickers and Improved Navigation

Several new features for Telegram’s social messaging platform were included in the company’s monthly update. As well as fixes for current issues and new features, WhatsApp has added new video stickers, interactive emojis, improved reactions and easier navigation. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics now.

Telegram v8.5 Update Brings New Features

Interactive Emojis and New Reactions

Telegram has added five new reaction emojis in addition to video sticker support, allowing users to express their feelings about messages in a more natural way. Even more so, these reactions can be synchronised into full-screen effects by tapping and holding on to an emoji, which is why they’re so popular on social media.

Interactive emojis, like the full-screen reaction feature, are similar to interactive emojis. Because of this, users can send interactive emojis, which turn into full-screen animations when tapped, in a personal or group chat when the recipient taps on them, just like they can with reactions.

Creative Video Stickers

Stickers that can be created from videos have been added to Telegram’s latest version of the app. Earlier, users could use animated stickers to decorate the platform with amusing and offbeat stickers. Adobe Illustrator is required for designing and creating these stickers.

Video stickers allow users to create their own animated stickers using whatever video editing software and then upload them to Telegram, making it easier than ever for people to express themselves in the social network. Their own sticker packs can be shared with the @Stickers bot, and others’ can be downloaded. To learn more about the Video Sticker feature, visit Telegram’s official website and look through the manual.

When it comes to Telegram’s improved navigation, users will now be able to more easily move between personal chats, group chats, saved messages, and other areas of the app.

By pressing and holding the “Back” button on any chat page, users can access a list of previous chats they’ve visited. To revert back to a specific group chat or to the saved messages page, they can tap any of these options. Additionally, the list is automatically updated as a user navigates to new pages, chats, or group chats within Telegram.

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In addition to these, Telegram has animated the tab-icons on iOS in a minor way. In addition, the company improved call quality, added translation support to Instant View pages, and added an option of sending silent messages first from sharing interface.

On thier iOS or Android device, you could really download the latest version of Telegram from the App Store or Google Play store. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more posts like this one.

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