Teresa Fidalgo: Is This Ghost Story Based On Real-Life Occurrences?

Teresa Fidalgo

Misinformation and hoaxes are frequently disseminated on numerous social media platforms these days in an effort to garner popularity. There’s a considerable chance that you’ve read about such conspiracies and dangers.

One such instance included Teresa Fidalgo’s social media message, which asked followers to share posts or face the repercussions. Teresa is neither the first myth that people have spread nor will she be the last.

The tale of Teresa Fidalgo has often gone viral on the internet. Let’s attempt to thoroughly examine Teresa Fidalgo’s identity and her paranormal tale.

About Teresa Fidalgo

The ghost story told by Teresa Fidalgo is not widely believed, despite the fact that it has been in the news for many years.

The ghost of Teresa Fidalgo, who perished in an accident in 1983 in Sentra, Portugal, is said to exist. Her video was first posted online on July 12, 2003, over two decades after the occurrence, and it quickly went viral.

It would seem that, especially on social media platforms, people are fascinated by fiction-based stories like those about the Slender Man and other ghosts. The hoax about Teresa Fidalgo’s ghost is a well-known example of internet hype that spreads rapidly.

The footage depicts friends giving Teresa Fidalgo a free ride in their automobile while they are traveling through the highlands.

The girl is quite attractive, but when she gets in the car, she is curiously quiet for a while. After some time, she finally speaks up and leads the other passengers to the place where she “died” on the road.

Teresa Fidalgo

A split second before the car crashes, the camera abruptly swings back to the woman so that we can see her face. The third cyclist, David, survives the crash in which two other riders—a man and a woman—die.

Ironically, David was unable to describe exactly what transpired that night for many years. Police officers did confirm that Teresa Fidalgo, a woman, died in an automobile accident at the same location in 1983.

Since this film went viral, people have been amplifying tales of the White Lady for years.

People, especially children, were more likely to trust this narrative than any other since the details about “Teresa Fidalgo” and her connections to an actual disaster that took place on a Portuguese avenue sounded authentic.

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The Creator of The Teresa Fidalgo Tale

The author of the Teresa Fidalgo narrative is a Portuguese content developer named David Rebordo who tells an intriguing tale about a woman.

The video was captured in February 2003 while David R. and his companions traveled to several locales to film scenes for his upcoming film, “Virus.”

The Spooky Tale of Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo

The tale of Teresa Fidalgo has evolved into a type of scam that circulates on social media platforms via copy and paste and warns that if you do not repost, the ghost of the woman will follow you around.

I’m Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 other images, I’ll sleep with you forever, the message that appears with the viral post threatens.

Other accounts of this Teresa Fidalgo ghost story also exist, with a small number of users posting that “A girl disregarded and her mum died 29 days later.” Even Google allows you to look me up.

On numerous social media sites like WhatsApp and Instagram, these videos and messages have been observed circulating globally.

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Questioning the Veracity of Teresa Fidalgo?

The bulk of the time, individuals have used their imaginations to create fictional works that bring urban legends to life since they appear so plausible. Like other fraudulent reports, even this one about Teresa Fidalgo is untrue.

The fact that it is a short film means that the video is real, but the entire narrative you see is perfectly crafted and orchestrated, just like in a fictional movie.

The short film’s Portuguese producer, whose name is also that of the accident survivor, is a Portuguese national. It was posted to YouTube for the first time in 2014 on David Rebordo’s channel. The short film’s name is “A CURVA.”

In an interview with a news channel, the producer repeated that this scenario is scripted and the video clip that is doing the rounds online is taken from one of his films. Social media users continue to believe that the Teresa Fidalgo accident story from 1986 is true despite his correction on television.

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What Should You Do if You Get Such a Message?

Teresa Fidalgo

I would say “Just Ignore” if I were to respond to this in just two words.

The social media user’s personality will ultimately determine how they respond to this kind of communication, though.

Considering that most of these stories are full of holes, using common sense is one of the greatest methods to respond to this kind of unexpected message.

It is difficult to accept that a young woman ghost with paranormal energy chooses to frighten people on social media simply because they neglected to share/retweet/forward a photo. This message’s motivation appears to be entirely illogical and incorrect.


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