Tesla brings a microphone with in karaoke in connection with a Chinese New Year update

Tesla brings a microphone with in karaoke

The TeslaMic is a microphone for use with in car karaoke that Tesla has released. The karaoke platform Leishi KTV was added to the vehicle’s infotainment system as part of the device’s launch to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The TeslaMic comes in a set of two with the company logo on the microphones. At least according to Tesla, your car’s infotainment system will automatically sync with the devices.

Caraoke was already available in Tesla just before Leishi KTV app, which lets you sing on to a limited number of popular songs while driving. The new app has a much broader selection of music to choose from.

Tesla Karaoke

Changing the colour of the car’s render on your infotainment system and in ones Tesla app is now possible thanks to the Chinese New Year update. In addition, the Tesla map has now been updated to reflect real-time traffic data and suggest alternate routes.

At a cost of 188 yuan (US$188), the TeslaMic is usually only available in China. When the microphone is released in other countries, Tesla hasn’t said. A recent trademark application by the company indicates that it may be expanding its US trademark to include audio equipment, which might mean that Tesla has bigger plans for this product.

Tesla launched ‘TeslaMic,’ a microphone for in-car karaoke in China

This isn’t Tesla’s first foray into karaoke, either. Software for users across the globe included an option known as Caraoke that play the music and displays lyrics on the cpanel a few years ago. Tesla-branded hardware, such as microphones, were not included in that offering.

Thunderstone Technology Ltd., a Beijing karaoke service provider, provides music videos for Tesla’s promotional video. Thunderstone’s system has already been adopted by a number of Chinese EV manufacturers.

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A Thunderstone spokeswoman said, “The space inside a car provides customers with wonderful privacy, makes it the ideal place for karaoke.” A request for information from a Tesla representative went unanswered.

As per the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla sold more than 470,000 cars made in Shanghai last year, which is roughly half of the company’s global sales.

China’s government’s treatment of minorities in Xinjiang, where the company recently opened a showroom, drew international condemnation earlier this month.

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