The 1TB T7 Touch SSD From Samsung Is Currently More Affordable than Ever!

The 1TB T7 Touch SSD From Samsung Is Currently More Affordable than Ever!

Amazon has discounted a few Samsung SSD options if you’re looking for external storage. Starting with the T7 Touch, the 1TB black model is now $125, a discount from its customary $160 price.

The T7 Touch is presently available on Amazon for the lowest price ever after a $35 price reduction. Although there are faster external SSDs available, Samsung’s portable drive strikes the perfect balance between performance, features, and price.

Sequential writing speeds of up to 1,000MB/s are available when connected to a USB 3.2 Gen 2-compatible connection. AES 256-bit encryption and an integrated fingerprint sensor make it one of the more secure discs you can buy. The T7 Touch also includes USB-C and USB-A cables in the box, which is a great touch.

The T7 Touch is robust, but Samsung also provides a ruggedized version if you’re concerned about how it will hold up on excursions and your everyday commute. The T7 Shield has a layer of elastomer that Samsung says will shield the drive from drops of 9.8 feet while still being just as quick as its Touch cousin.

In addition, it has IP65 certification against dust and water. The price of the 1TB variant is currently $110, down from $160. That is almost certainly the T7 Shield’s lowest pricing that we have seen.

The 1TB T7 Touch SSD From Samsung Is Currently More Affordable than Ever!

The 2TB variant is now on sale through Amazon as well. It costs $200 after a 31% reduction. The T7 Shield comes in three color options: blue, black, or beige, and all three are covered by Amazon’s promotion.

Last but not least, you’re in luck if all you need is a microSD card for your Android phone, action camera, or Nintendo Switch. Samsung’s Evo Select microSD cards are offered for sale.

After a 45 percent discount, the 512GB model is now $47. Additionally, the 256GB model is currently $20, which is only a few dollars more expensive than the 128GB model.

Although I haven’t tried an Evo Select memory card myself, Samsung’s microSD includes just about every function you could ask for in a mid-range memory card. It has a UHS-1 interface and Class 10 transfer rates, which means it can transfer data at up to 130MB/s.


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