The new flagship phone from Oppo’s Find series, the X6 Pro, has a lot of records, like the biggest periscope zoom or ultrawide camera sensors. It also got a top spot on our list of the best phone displays of 2023 because its screen is brighter than those of Apple and Samsung.

With a peak brightness of 2,500 nits, the Oppo Find X6 Pro beats the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was the previous record holder with 2,000 nits, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which kept its predecessor’s 1,750 nits value.

But these peak brightness numbers are only reached when a very small part of an OLED display is lit up at full power and showing white, or when an OLED panel uses the most energy. Also, outdoor visibility depends on a number of other things, such as the screen coating and reflectance, or the contrast of the display.

In reality, Apple usually advertises a maximum brightness level of 1000 nits, with 1600 nits only when HDR content is being shown. The 2000 nits peak brightness level only applies to parts of the screen when the iPhone 14 Pro series is used outside in direct sunlight.

The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has a maximum of 1200 nits when showing HDR content and 1750 nits when used outside in strong sunlight with the automatic brightness setting. Still, when we measured the average brightness of the Oppo Find X6 Pro’s screen, we found that it was brighter than both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23 Ultra:

The Brightest Phone Display

Brightest phone displays test: Oppo Find X6 Pro vs Galaxy S23 Ultra vs  iPhone 14 Pro Max - PhoneArena

The Oppo Find X6 Pro says it has a maximum brightness indoors of 800 nits, which can go up to 1500 nits with HDR content. However, it can reach a jaw-dropping 2500 nits on automatic settings when used in direct sunlight.

This is a rare situation, unless you live in a beach town where going to the beach is like going to the grocery store.

During the warm and sunny summer months, people who are out and about all day would also like to get every extra nit out of their phone screen. We did a quick test outside to see how true everyone’s peak brightness claims are.

We took the Oppo Find X6 Pro, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra outside and put them in the bright afternoon sun. Even though it’s hard to capture tiny changes in brightness with a camera, especially when the sun is shining so brightly, all three displays could still be seen by the human eye.

Depending on how the sun was shining, it was either the Oppo Find X6 Pro or the Galaxy S23 Ultra that had the brightest phone screen outside in the sun. They also have whites that look colder and brighter on the screen than the iPhone’s yellowish whites.

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