‘The Challenge: USA’ Partner Cookout And Big Brother Kyland Discuss Their Collaboration!

'The Challenge: USA' Partner Cookout And Big Brother Kyland Discuss Their Collaboration!

Young Kailand Big Brother 23 was run by one of the Cook Out Alliance’s six members. When he noticed many of his old cast members from Challenge: USA, I became a little concerned.

The 30-year-old Account Executive makes an appearance on the new CBS version alongside some of his buddies, Xavier Plaza and Azaawasum. Tiffany Mitchell’s moment In addition to his friends, Derek Xiao from BB23 and Alyssa Lopez when.

Upon entering and spotting one-third of the season’s cast, Kailand admitted confidentially, “I was frightened because I knew everyone else was very puzzled.” Every week You can see the interview above. “I was aware that it would make a good target for observers. I was worried that the game’s format could be unclear, but it turned out to be a two-edged sword.

Even though he claims he has “never even watched Survivor,” it was obvious to him who the competitive dangers were, citing Survivor winners Tyson Apostol and Sarah Lacina.

'The Challenge: USA' Partner Cookout And Big Brother Kyland Discuss Their Collaboration!

Kyland claims that the only reality television program she ever watched was Big Brother. “Until I was in the Big Brother house, I had never heard of The Challenge.”

Despite the differences between these series, the California native believes that his time as a contestant on Big Brother helped him adjust to this new game. The Challenge is a totally different animal, according to Kyland.

“Having said that, Big Brother was undoubtedly a memorable experience that, if anything, boosted my self-assurance over my capacity for competition. That was therefore really useful. And it assisted in highlighting some of the difficulties I would experience if I adopt a competitive mindset while yet needing to uphold my social ties.

Kailand claims to be “very close” with his BB23 castmate Derek and that they have had the chance to further their relationship. He adds, “It was pretty wonderful. He reminds me of my younger brother. I simply adore kids.

'The Challenge: USA' Partner Cookout And Big Brother Kyland Discuss Their Collaboration!

He made pals with a different cast member. “Alyssa and I get along well. It was absolutely wonderful, he claims. We are always on the other side, Brother Home.

We have developed an extremely strong partner bond because of Challenge, “Kyland continues. Now that we text each other daily, we keep in touch. She has always impressed me, but she now has a chance to make our relationship much stronger. Brother, I’m very happy.

USA’s challenge premiered at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on July 6th on CBS.


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