The Flash Season 8 -A Quick Recap And Latest Updates Of The Upcoming Episodes!

The Flash Season 8

The entrance of Meena Dhawan, one of the world’s top physicists, as a new speedster caught Team Flash off guard. Meena has obtained brief super-speed enhancements as a result of her own studies, and she sought out Barry Allen as a mentor to help her develop her talents for good.

A familiar opponent reappears in Barry’s life with a startling twist as Team Flash discovers more about Meena’s unusual power source.

While racing through a forest, Barry teaches Meena, and the two tap into their super-speed, with Meena, accidentally striking Barry with some of her artificial lightning when she temporarily loses control of her powers.

Cecile Horton is making a deposit at a bank in Central City when it is robbed by armed robbers. Cecile uses her sympathetic abilities to channel the anxiety of everyone at the scene to the thieves, rendering them fully incapacitated before they are all captured by the cops.

Barry meets Meena at Fast Track Labs, concerned about the consequences of artificial lightning on his body, and discovers the experimental oscillator that gives Meena her speed increase.

Barry is taken aback when he learns that the technology was created by Eobard Thawne, who appears as he did prior to stealing Harrison Wells’ physical appearance and suffering from amnesia during his years as a supervillain speedster. Barry pays a visit to the powerless, imprisoned Thawne in Lian Yu; he claims not to understand what Barry is talking about but recognizes the oscillator as a way to access the Negative Speed Force.

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Barry recognizes that the corrosive nature of the Negative Speed Force will corrupt and finally kill Meena after deducing that the amnesiac Thawne is from a different timeline, and he races back to Central City to tell her.

Following Barry’s departure, John Diggle approaches the imprisoned Thawne, who has become preoccupied with locating and unlocking the mystery container that crashed near him as he travels away from Star City.

The Flash Season 8

In exchange for seeing what’s within himself, Thawne agrees to help the increasingly frantic Diggle open the container, believing that Diggle was not yet ready for the power contained within.

Diggle connects with the container’s cosmic power and sees the potential it offers, but he rejects it because it would mean he would have to abandon his family forever, much to Thawne’s chagrin.

Meena and the amnesiac Thawne adjust the oscillator to make her speed boost permanent, but when Thawne is distracted by Barry accusing him of faking his amnesia, Meena uses the device herself.

Meena, who has been corrupted by the Negative Speed Force, sets out to keep her speed by consuming any power sources that come her way. Barry finally admits that he is not the same man as the wicked Reverse-Flash after speaking with Thawne, who exposes the magnitude of his love for Meena, and the two work together to expel the Negative Speed Force from Meena as she threatens a hydroelectric dam.

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Meena uses her Negative Speed Force to easily subdue The Flash, but Thawne arrives and reminds her of their love for each other, bringing Meena back to reality.

Team Flash receives a video chat from Ray Palmer discussing how this other Thawne came to be while Meena and Thawne work on developing an oscillator to counteract the Negative Speed Force’s impact.

While Caitlin and Chillblaine continue their criminal method to resurrect Killer Frost, Cecile adopts her own crimefighting persona to safeguard Central City, which is surreptitiously observed by another sinister character.

As Team Flash celebrates yet another win, Deon Owens, the master of the Still Force, approaches the villainous Thawne in his cage with a promise to complete his twisted destiny.

The cast of The Flash season 8

The Flash Season 8

  • Barry Allen/The Flash is played by Grant Gustin.
  • Candice Patton in the role of Iris West-Allen
  • Joe West is played by Jesse L. Martin.
  • Cecile Horton is played by Danielle Nicolet.
  • Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy)/XS
  • Bart Allen/Impulse is played by Jordan Fisher.
  • Caitlin Snow and Frost are played by Danielle Panabaker.
  • Allegra Garcia is played by Kayla Compton.
  • Chester P. Funk is played by Brandon McKnight.
  • Jay Garrick/The Flash is played by John Wesley Shipp.
  • Kristen Kramer is played by Carmen Moore.

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For the crossover, new cast members have been added.

  • Despero is played by Tony Curran.
  • Ryan Wilder/Batwoman is played by Javicia Leslie.
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom is played by Brandon Routh.
  • Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning is played by Cress Williams.
  • Alex Danvers/Sentinel is played by Chyler Leigh.
  • Mia Queen/Green Arrow is played by Kat McNamara.
  • Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash is played by Tom Cavanagh.
  • Damien Darhk is played by Neal McDonough.


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