The Hacked iPhone 12 Mini has USB-C and Lightning Ports.

The Hacked iPhone 12 Mini has USB-C and Lightning Ports.

The movie depicts lightning and USB-C coexisting in harmony, which may be more harmonious than what Apple has planned for USB-C in the future.

Everyone is awaiting Apple’s introduction of USB-C to the iPhone. But wouldn’t it be cool if the old lightning cords could still be used once the corporation switched to USC?

One YouTuber has gained notoriety for hacking a USB-C port alongside the lightning port on the iPhone 12 mini’s bottom. Hyphaistos3672 disassembled the gadget and removed a portion of the speaker to create way for the USB-C port. A almost six-minute video documents the entire procedure, from the disassembly of the iPhone 12 mini to the final soldering and screwing.

The movie’s description, translated from Korean to English by Google Translate, states, “This is a video depicting the creation of a TwinPort iPhone.” “I just designed it with the intention of employing a C-type cable as necessary.”

There have been numerous iPhone USB-C hacks in recent years. This one from last summer modified the port on an older iPhone SE, while this one transforms the port on an iPhone 13. However, the original USB-C on iPhone exploit was released in 2021 and later sold on eBay for nearly $86,000.

The history of USB-C on the iPhone dates back nearly a decade. The European Union has worked for years to convince Apple and other corporations to use the same charging standard as dozens of other products on the market. In October 2022, the commission finally settled on a law mandating the use of USB-C for any devices that charge at less than 100 watts. The objective is to reduce e-waste and, ideally, save consumers money.

Although the rule impacts all technology makers, it is plainly aimed at Apple and its continued usage of the lightning connection, which no other gadget manufacturer employs. Apple’s Macs and MacBooks use USB-C for charging and data transfer, therefore the standard already exists within Apple’s exclusive ecosystem. However, not on Apple’s phones and headphones.

Analysts have predicted that the iPhone 15 will be the first to utilise USB-C, and Apple has stated that it will comply with the new EU mandate. However, it is uncertain whether the proprietary charging drama will conclude with the iPhone 15. Leaks indicate that Apple’s USB-C port may require proprietary cords, despite the fact that we’re at least a generation away from allowing lightning cables to collect dust in the closet.

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