The Joyce And Hopper Kissing Scene In Stranger Things Wasn’t Staged!

The Joyce And Hopper Kissing Scene In Stranger Things Wasn't Staged!

Granting the fans’ requests. The fourth season of Stranger Things didn’t initially have a second kiss between Joyce Byer and Jim Hopper, but Winona Ryder and David Harbour still went ahead and shot it.

The creators of Stranger Things posted on Saturday, July 2 on their verified Twitter account, “This kiss wasn’t scripted, Winona and David added it on the day of filming.”

The season 4 finale of Stranger Things, which debuted on Netflix on Friday, July 1, saw Ryder’s Joyce battling with flashbacks about Bob’s (Sean Astin) passing. While assisting her in escaping a Demogorgon, her then-boyfriend was attacked by the monster. Hopper gives Joyce a tender kiss and reassures her that things have changed.

The pair had their first kiss ever in Russia in volume 2, as Netflix is calling the final two episodes of season 4. The two were making out passionately in that steamier phase before being brutally halted (escaping the Russian labour camp and killing the Demogorgon monsters was apparently more important).

The Joyce And Hopper Kissing Scene In Stranger Things Wasn't Staged!

However, viewers didn’t seem to mind two distinct lip locks because the second kiss was a much more heartfelt moment.

One audience member tweeted, “No, the second kiss was so soft and sweet like Jim Hopper did that to reassure Joyce that she wouldn’t lose him again can you hear my screams #StrangerThings.”

“Thank you Joyce Byers and Jim hopper for the BEST KISS in a tv show ever,” one person tweeted.

The actors are clearly aware of the enthusiasm for Joyce and Hopper’s relationship among Stranger Things viewers. In a Beyond Stranger Things episode, Harbour, 47, said, “The fans, they call it, like, Jopper or something.” They all support the romance between Hopper and Joyce, and I do too since I think the two of them are incredibly lost and lonely and need each other a lot.

The Joyce And Hopper Kissing Scene In Stranger Things Wasn't Staged!

He is not alone in this. Although his character, Murray Bauman, frequently ends up being the third wheel, actor Brett Gelman exclusively revealed to Us Weekly that Murray loves Joyce and Hopper. “I ship it without a doubt.

They adore one another. The only thing that matters, he acknowledged in May. “You are wasting your time and worrying yourself out for nothing,” I tell single people when they are creating a list of requirements for you.

Netflix now offers Stranger Things season 4 for streaming.


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