The fifth episode of The Last of Us closed in yet another heartbreaking manner, a trend that fans are likely beginning to recognise. The Last of Us is based on an emotionally intense computer game that traumatises the player during the first fifteen minutes of play. Fans fell in love with it largely due to its unrelenting and truthful storytelling throughout its full runtime. Obviously, this must be maintained while adapting it, and HBO has done it expertly.

Unfortunately, after getting to know Henry and Sam in The Last of Us’ fifth episode, viewers were forced to say farewell. The two brothers are compelled to flee their home city due to a quite unfortunate circumstance. Joel and Ellie recognise that they can build a mutually advantageous alliance, but the ensuing pandemonium is overwhelming. Even if the entire group survived a standoff with an army of resistance fighters and a massive infected assault, they did not live for long. Sam is bitten in the heat of the moment and conceals his sickness from everyone except Ellie. She sleeps next to him, perhaps expecting he will not change instantly, but is attacked by him the following morning. Henry is forced to murder his brother using Joel’s revolver, but he cannot bear the guilt and commits suicide.

It’s terrible, and fans are not pleased. Those who have played the games are well aware of this moment, which is shown extremely well. As if the suffering we endured in the game wasn’t enough, the programme manages to make it far more agonising and difficult to digest. The episode finishes on a negative note, but maybe the following episode will be slightly more upbeat.

What did you think of the fifth episode of The Last of Us? Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @Cade Onder. Continue scrolling for episode reactions.

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