The Tattoos Pete Davidson Got For Kim Kardashian!

The Tattoos Pete Davidson Got For Kim Kardashian!

She left an imprint on both his flesh and his heart. In honour of his lover Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson got a tattoo and a branding.

Although they had been friends for a while, things suddenly heated up when Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2021. She appeared on television with Davidson, who was a cast member at the time, in a parody of Disney characters Aladdin and Jasmine that ended with a cute on-screen kiss.

The pair met shortly after she made her appearance on the NBC sitcom, and they still have good memories of the sketch. In July 2022, Kardashian posted a selfie with a man from New York who was not wearing a shirt. He had a tattoo on his collarbone that said “Jasmine and Aladdin.”

Davidson provided Kardashian with a new method to remember their first lip lock, even if he decided to tattoo a remembrance on his body. The Kardashians star claimed that their first kiss actually happened during the Disney spoof when she made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2022.

The reality TV personality admitted to Jimmy Kimmel at the time, “Actually, for Valentine’s Day, he brought me the rug and the whole clothes and the tiny genie lamp.” I do, in fact, own the rug.

The native Californian is a fan of Davidson’s tattoo tributes despite not getting inked herself.

During a March 2022 episode on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim Kardashian remarked, “He has a few tattoos, a few adorable ones that he got [for me].”

She admitted that at the time, she had a favourite item in particular. The inventor of Skims pointed to the left side of her collarbone and remarked, “I suppose my favourite one, it says here.” The text reads, “My girl is a lawyer. That one is very adorable.

The model said that Davidson cannot get rid of a single item of body art. “The tattoo that says ‘Kim’ is fake. At the time, she noted, “It’s branding.

The former Kourtney Kardashian star speculated that the man was just saying, “I want something that’s there, that I can’t get rid of [it] like] my tattoos.” “He just wanted it there as a scar,” says the speaker.

Even though Davidson has several tattoos, he has recently had many of them erased. In order to spend less time in the makeup chair as his movie career advances, he is lasering off several arm and neck tattoos.

To view every tattoo that Pete Davidson got for Kardashian, scroll down:


The Tattoos Pete Davidson Got For Kim Kardashian!


Although he hasn’t addressed the letters, it’s commonly thought that North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm stand for Kim and her kids from her previous relationship with Kanye West.

The ‘Kim’ Brand

The Tattoos Pete Davidson Got For Kim Kardashian!

The star made sure he couldn’t take down any memorials to his lover. The mark is located beneath a portrait of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and next to a drawing of a skull on his right pectoral muscle.

Aladdin and Jasmine

The Tattoos Pete Davidson Got For Kim Kardashian!

The touching message celebrates their first kiss, which took place on Saturday Night Live in October 2021.

“My Girl Is a Lawyer”

The Tattoos Pete Davidson Got For Kim Kardashian!

In order to study law, the businessman signed up with the California State Bar in 2018. On her fourth attempt, she aced the First-Year Law Students’ Examination, sometimes known as the “baby bar,” in December 2021.


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