The Wilds Season 3: Released Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Many More Updates You Need to Know

the wilds season 3

TV series The Wilds was created by Sarah Streicher for Amazon Prime and is an American drama streaming television series. Teenage girls who were left on a deserted island after a plane crash are the subjects of a social experiment in this series. Sophia Ali, Reign Edwards, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Erana James, Sarah Pidgeon, Troy Winbush, and Rachel Griffiths are all in the cast.

Primo Video’s Lost/Mean Girls hybrid series, The Wilds, kicked off its first season this week with an all-female cast of teenagers stranded on an island after a plane crash.

debated whether or not it is more difficult to survive in the wild or to go through puberty as a female. The one, Leah (Sarah Pidgeon), begins to see that something else is going on and that one of their groups might be in on it as the girls work through their personal conflicts and start working together to find rescue.

For a social experiment by Dr. Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths), codenamed “The Dawn of Eve,” the plane crash turned out to be a hoax, and the girls had to work together to survive. When the girls were unaware of the experiment, Klein inserted two operatives into the group so that they could assist and report back on their progress. To make matters more complicated, Leah learns at the very end of the season that one of these operatives had been killed in the crash. A cliffhanger ended the first season with Leah discovering the observation room showing live recordings of another group of stranded teens–all boys. The 10 episodes of season 1 jumped between the girls on the island and being interviewed post-rescue.

The Wilds: Will There Be a Third Season?

the wilds season 3

Whether or not The Wilds will return for a third season is still an open question. Even so, this Amazon original isn’t quite dead yet. Streaming services typically announce new seasons of original shows within a few days to a few weeks. It’s possible that there will be a second installment, but we won’t know for a while.

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Is Season 3 of The Wilds Coming out Soon?

Let’s pretend there’s another season of The Wilds. When will it be shown on television? We can use the past of this show to figure out a release date.

The Wilds received a pilot order from Amazon in 2018. A 10-episode first season was then ordered by the company in May of 2019. In December of 2020, a year and a half later, the first season of the show was released. Similar to Season 1, Season 2 was released in the same time frame as Season 1. A third season is likely to premiere in late 2023 based on this timeline. However, there is always the possibility that the premiere date will be pushed back. If COVID-19 slowed down production of The Wilds’ first two seasons during the pandemic, Season 3 may not have to deal with the same problem.

When Can We Expect the Third Season of The Wilds?

Season 2 of ‘The Wilds’ will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on May 6, 2022, in its entirety. There are eight episodes in its second season that clock in at 53-58 minutes long.

the wilds season 3

Here’s everything we know about the third round of the show so far. There have been no official statements from Amazon or the show’s producers regarding a possible third season as of yet. A decision on the show’s future may be made after Amazon evaluates the second season’s performance. As a result, the overwhelming response to the series can be considered good enough to justify a new edition. There’s more to come for the characters in season 2, as evidenced by a cliffhanger ending.

Given the above-mentioned factors, it is safe to say that the show’s renewal is a strong possibility. According to reports, the second season was filmed from April 2021 to August 2021 but was released on Amazon just nine months later. The production team will need at least a year to prepare for a new season, even if the adventure drama series is given the green light before the end of Summer 2022. As a result, we can expect the third season of ‘The Wilds’ to premiere in the third quarter of 2023.

Who Can Join the Cast of The Wilds Season 3?

the wilds season 3

If the show is renewed for a third season, the current cast may return. As a result, we expect Rachel Griffiths to continue playing Gretchen Klein, the evil social experiment’s mastermind. Sophia Ali (Fatin Jadmani), Sarah Pidgeon (Leah Rilke), Shannon Berry (Dot Campbell), Jenna Clause (Martha Blackburn), Charles Alexander (Kirin O’Conner), Zack Calderon (Rafael Garcia), and Nicholas Coombe (Rafael Garcia) are all possible candidates to return (Josh Herbert).

It’s also possible that Reign Edwards (Rachel Reid) and Mia Healey (Shelby Goodkind), Erana James (Toni Shalifoe), Miles Gutierrez-Riley (Ivan Taylor), and Aidan Laprete (Henry Tanaka) will return if the series is recommissioned. A new character could be introduced at any time. A new cast could be introduced in the third season if that happens.

The Storyline of Wilds Season 3

There are eight women on board the plane when it crashes into the ocean on its way to Hawaii for a young women’s empowerment retreat called Dawn of Eve: Fatin Jadmani Dot Campbell Martha Blackburn Rachel Reid Shelby Goodkind Nora Reid Toni Shalifoe Leah Rilke. As a result, they are now stranded on a remote island after their plane crashes.

Gretchen Klein, the director of the Dawn of Eve program, staged the plane crash and the girls’ stranding, unaware that they are the subjects of a social experiment as they work to survive and learn about each other. There are flashbacks to the girls’ lives before the crash, as well as scenes in which two men pretending to be FBI agents interview the survivors after their supposed rescue. The girls’ adventures on the island are intercut with these.

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