Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers – Check Out The Latest Information!

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

With the release of Thor: Love and Thunder just over a month away, we’re set to be inundated with Marvel’s final marketing blitz. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fans will like the first new footage from the flick, which premiered during the MTV Movie Awards.

The clip is a re-enactment of a scenario from the previous Love and Thunder trailers. It depicts Thor’s response to seeing the Mjolnir hammer for the first time.

Even though the Mjolnir was smashed many years ago in Thor: Ragnarok, we knew it would return in Thor 4. This storyline detail was never hidden by Marvel. However, spoilers from the new Love and Thunder trailer are included below.

Who was responsible for Mjolnir’s repair?

Marvel held off on releasing the first trailer for this next MCU film for longer than normal. The movie’s box office haul will undoubtedly benefit from Marvel’s reduced marketing time. Even without any major teaser disclosures, a Thor 4 picture directed by Taika Waititi sells itself.

Not to mention that, with the film’s July 8th release approaching, fans will appreciate not having to wait as long for fresh trailers or TV snippets.

So far, the two Love and Thunder teasers have revealed a number of fascinating details. Jane (Natalie Portman) was shown in her Mighty Thor suit, wielding the Mjolnir hammer, much to Thor’s chagrin. By the way, the God of Thunder is no longer chubby.

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) and Zeus were also among the characters we encountered (Russell Crowe). We also spotted the whole Guardians of the Galaxy cast, as well as Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Korg (Taika Waititi).

There were several fight scene teasers in the trailers, as well as a preview for a major death in the film.
Let’s not forget about Thor in his underwear.

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Given what Marvel revealed in the trailers, the Mjolnir revelation is definitely one of the most fascinating aspects in the new teaser. The hammer will not be repaired by Thor, contrary to popular belief. He reaches out with his hand to grab it, astonished to find it reforged.

That’s a scenario we’ve seen a lot of in the MCU thus far. The great Mjolnir twist is revealed in the Love and Thunder trailers.

Jane now wields the hammer, and Mjolnir reacts to her. She’s also dressed in an outfit that closely resembles Thor’s.

Time to Use the Hammer

Because of the many ways Thor: Love and Thunder are based on the Jason Aaron comics, as well as the fact that Hemsworth will be departing the franchise after Love and Thunder, it’s long been expected that Portman would take over for Hemsworth. That may entail starring in a new Thor trilogy and appearing in future Avengers sequels as a co-star.

Fans shouldn’t expect Portman to complete the same commitments that Hemsworth did throughout his tenure in the MCU given that Waititi has hinted that Marvel’s intentions may be different. At least not yet, because there are other variables working against Portman’s long-term success as Thor.

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

Then there’s the ongoing feud between Marvel and Portman, which is one of the reasons the two sides separated in the first place. Second, Portman must decide whether she wants to be the face of a multibillion-dollar action franchise for the next ten years.

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Around 2011, when Portman took a sabbatical from acting to focus on motherhood, she and the studio fell out after Patty Jenkins, whom Portman had pushed to direct the sequel to Thor: The Dark World left the project.

Alan Taylor was given the position, however, he has subsequently voiced dissatisfaction with the final edit. After completing her duties for The Dark World, Portman stepped away from the franchise for several years. In a 2017 interview with the Wall Street Journal, Portman expressed her doubts about returning.

Portman reappeared on stage at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. To mark her comeback, Portman picked up Thor’s hammer in front of a rapt audience with a wry grin. However, no one has stated how long it will last.

Portman has been tight-lipped regarding her future with Marvel. She’s already a talented performer, and CG-heavy films such as Marvel’s are notoriously tough to produce. Don’t trust anyone who says they don’t undertake these projects for the money because of the excessively long hours and inhuman physiques they must maintain.

However, there is a reason Portman returned in the first place. In 2019, the actress told ET Online that she returned because of the screenplay and Jane Foster’s enlarged position beyond the male lead’s human love interest. A good script remains a good script, regardless of how many Oscars it has won.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is a clip from the MTV Movie Awards.

This leads us to the whole Mjolnir sequence from Thor: Love and Thunder, which Marvel debuted at the MTV Movie Awards. Thor is fighting on Earth until he sees his beloved hammer, as you can see in the video below.

Thor must have just seen Mjolnir in action and is anxiously looking for it in the midst of the chaos. But it’s the way he summons the hammer that makes this moment so fantastic. Whistling and yelling “here boy!” as if Mjolnir were a puppy, he attempts to get it.

Thor Love And Thunder Spoilers

We’re instantly reminded of how much Thor lacked this famous weapon. And that the Mjolnir repairs had nothing to do with him.

The God of Thunder eventually notices the hammer and reaches for it, the action slowing down. “You’re back,” Thor exclaims, ecstatic and relieved. Jane yanks it from him just as he’s about to reach it. As she performs one of Thor’s famed Mjolnir postures, Thor sees her for the first time.

Marvel is better than that when it comes to providing further information. We have no idea why the two superheroes are fighting in that conflict, which appears to be taking place on Earth. Jane’s explanation of how she reclaimed Mjolnir will have to wait until the whole Love and Thunder publication.

There is one additional Mjolnir detail to be aware of on its own. It comes from the second Thor 4 teaser, which reveals that Jane will use the hammer in a unique method other than unleashing lightning.


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