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The Department of Education Management Information System has released the “TN EMIS School App,” a mobile application for the Tamil Nadu Education Management Information System (EMIS).

EMIS School App is made available by TN-EMIS-CELL to everyone, including students, teachers, and administrators. On the EMIS School App, you can do everything from creating TN EMIS School Attendance to checking the school’s latest updates online.

The majority of Teachers, school principals, and other administrative personnel can use the Tamil Nadu EMIS School App. The app includes a link to log into EMIS as well. For teachers, students, and schools, TN EMIS School App Download is now available.

EMIS School App at

The Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform (TNTP) portal of the school education department offers helpful e-learning material. By employing the e-learning style of instruction, teachers can learn new skills while instructing pupils.

The use of cutting-edge technology aids in helping students enhance their learning abilities. The TN EMIS School Login on the Portal is Directly Given and Can be Used by All Staff, Teachers, Students, and the Head of School By Registration ID and Password Provided.

The TN EMIS School App, however, was made available by the official authority for daily usage and simple convenience.

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Accessing the TN EMIS School App


There is now a TN EMIS School App version of the teacher, staff, headmaster, and student login page. Below is a list of the steps for logging into the TN EMIS School App.

  • First, go to the official website for the Tennessee EMIS School, which is
  • Go to 2Fdashboard to log in.
  • This page will open as the login page.
  • Check the requested information by going to the login box.
  • Input the username and password now.
  • Simply click Login.
  • An EMIS page will open.
  • To get the TN EMIS School mobile app, one can click on the app download link, or they can access the portal directly depending on their needs.

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How to Download the TN EMIS School App on a Mobile Device


According to the most recent update, the Google Play Store now offers a mobile app for the TN EMIS School. Unknown to the Portal Direct App Download, many of the Applicants must be.

Therefore, everyone may now access Google Play Store more easily. Here are the steps to downloading the most recent version of the TN EMIS School App.

  • The Google Play Store for the applicant’s Android app must be visited first.
  • The TN EMIS School App can be found by tapping the search bar.
  • It will now display the TNSED Schools Icon Name App.
  • Tap on Install Here.
  • Require the TN EMIS School App to be downloaded and installed.
  • Check the app by going to the Home Screen.
  • For the app to open, tap the TNSED Schools icon.
  • In order to use the app, check all the information now and create an account.

TN EMIS School Login App’s Forget Password feature should be reset


  • To begin with, go to the TN School Portal official website.
  • Currently, you are on this portal’s home page.
  • There is a button labeled “Forget Password” under the login section.
  • Then, after entering your profile user ID, choose a user type, such as teacher, from the list.
  • A “Verification Link” will then be sent to you, allowing you to change your password.

The Dashboard option can then be accessed after logging in, and you can return to the homepage after changing the password.

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Positive aspects of the TN Teacher Platform

  • A unified repository provides digital resources to teachers all over Tamil Nadu.
  • The state curriculum gives each instructor a special identification number.
    tracking mechanism for professional achievement.
  • All of the syllabus, class schedule, new announcement, and revision information is provided by the school administration through this portal.


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