Top 10 Love Songs 2022 – Check Out The List Of Best Romantic Songs!

Top 10 Love Songs 2022

So, regardless of how cynical or single you are, you have to acknowledge that great love songs slap. A cheerful love ballad is like a rom-com for your ears, and even if you’re not into love, sappy ‘n’ sweet tunes have a way of making you feel better.

Do you need a little more serotonin? The best love songs of 2022 will give you heart eyes (and may even have you groovin’ down the street like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer, replete with your own pretend flash mob).

Sure, if you’re going through a breakup, you’d prefer listening to your father snore all night than listening to a romantic love song (IYKYK). However! Before you start bashing feel-good love songs, consider how few there are in comparison to Sad Girl SongsTM about rejected, lost, and broken love.

Sometimes all you want to do is enjoy the pleasure of being stuck without the mess, mmkay? (And, to be honest, these bops are better for lip-syncing into your hairbrush anyhow.) Here are the most romantic songs released thus far in 2022, featuring new songs by Lukas Graham, Charli XCX, The Weeknd, and more.

Here’s the List of Top 10 Love Songs of 2022

Thomas Rhett’s song “Angels”

Thomas Rhett has released three tracks from his new album, Where We Started, including “Angels” (out April 1). The country singer discusses the affection he believes he doesn’t deserve in this video.

“I don’t know why you were patient and wasted good savin’ on me / Maybe angels don’t always have wings / You shoulda slammed the door / Changed the lock and said adios / To my selfish heart, tore it apart and left me alone / Don’t know why you were patient and wasted good savin’ on me /

Avril Lavigne ft. black bear, “Love It When You Hate Me”

Raise your hand if you’re a big fan of Avril Lavigne’s comeback! Lavigne and black bear collaborated on the angsty love ballad “Love It When You Hate Me,” which is about a poisonous relationship.

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Gunna and Chlöe’s “You & Me”

While it’s unknown if Gunna and Chlöe are dating in real life, there’s no denying that their ultra-romantic collaboration is on point.

“Beg for You,” by Charli XCX feat. Rina Sawayama

Hello, have you ever had a love that kept you up all night wishing for more? This one’s for you, bb, from Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama.

“Room for 2,” by Benson Boone

Top 10 Love Songs 2022

Benson Boone, a former American Idol contestant, has released a beautiful track that is the pinnacle of feel-good music.

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“All of It All,” by Lukas Graham

Real relationships aren’t always pretty, and in this touching love ballad, Lukas Graham celebrates both the good and the ugly.

Griff and Sigrid’s “Head on Fire”

Top 10 Love Songs 2022

Griff and Sigrid capture the emotion of meeting someone who changes everything…and makes it impossible to focus on anything else in their inspiring collaboration.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s “The Joker and the Queen”

Although Ed Sheeran’s original song was released in 2021, this Taylor Swift-assisted remix from 2022 is even more enticing (especially considering the music video employs the same characters from their 2013 video for “Everything Has Changed”).

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Michael Bublé’s “I’ll Never Not Love You”

This charming love song by Michael Bublé is as relaxing as a warm bubble bath, and the music video is a tribute to all of your favorite rom-com.

FKA twigs’ “oh my love”

Caprisongs was released on January 14 by FKA twigs. The 33-year-old sings about a person she’s into who isn’t sure what they want in “oh my love,” one of the 17-track mixtape’s tunes. Play this over and again when you’re feeling down over someone not reciprocating the same energy you’re offering.


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