Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May: Fans Will Be Surprised After Checking The List!!

From blockbuster original shows like Stranger Things to blockbuster licensed shows like Outlander, the kids’ movie Marmaduke to the dads’ show The Lincoln Lawyer, the US version of the reality series Love on the Spectrum to the ridiculous Mike Myers miniseries The Pentaverate, the new Netflix movies and shows coming this May are a diverse bunch.

May may be reserved for moms for one weekend, but on Netflix, May is for everyone. Netflix adds new movies and TV series to its repertoire every month. Note that streaming providers may modify their schedules at any time without warning.

Here are our selections for the most exciting new releases in May.

1. Season 4, Volume 1 of “Stranger Things”

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

Netflix will premiere “Stranger Things” on May 27. The famous show’s last episode will be published five weeks later, on July 1, with the second volume of season four.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton), and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) will be in California this season, while Jim Hopper (David Harbour) will be in Russia, and the rest of the group will be back in Hawkins, Indiana.

The next season of “Stranger Things” will have more terror, nods to ’80s movies, and spine-tingling thrills, six months after the Battle of Starcourt.

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2. The Circle (Season 4 – Weekly New Episodes)Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

This week, Netflix’s reality series The Circle premieres a new season. This season has a new presenter, Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls, who will be joined by Michelle Buteau.

We don’t receive all of The Circle’s episodes at once, as we have in prior seasons. Instead, we’ll receive new episodes in bunches every week throughout the remainder of May.

The Circle season 4 will be released on Netflix on the following dates:

4th of May – Episodes 1-4

May 11th – Episodes 5-8

May 18th – Episodes 9-12

May 25th, Episode 13

3. Season 1 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

The scrappy defense attorney Mickey Haller is the crime author Michael Connelly’s finest invention, second only to the detective Harry Bosch: a defender of the innocent who empathizes with his clients in part because he, too, is frequently only a few bad breaks away from disaster.

Matthew McConaughey portrayed Haller in “The Lincoln Lawyer,” a well-received 2011 film based on Connelly’s first novel about the character.

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4. Ben Is Back

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

Julia Roberts, the ’90s rom-com queen, appears in “Ben Is Back,” a 2018 drama in which she portrays a mother attempting to assist her son (Lucas Hedges, the real-life son of the film’s director, Peter Hedges) overcome his prescription drug addiction when he returns from rehab.

5. “The Sound of Magic”

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

Netflix’s newest K-drama, “The Sound of Magic,” follows the popularity of 2021’s “Squid Game.” Yun Ai (Choi Sung-Eun), a high school girl with dreams of becoming a magician, will star in the fantasy music drama.

Yun Ai discovers a strange magician at a closed amusement park and chooses to chase her dreams, discovering her own magic in the process.

6. ‘Along for the Ride’

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

“Along for the Ride,” based on a Sarah Dessen young adult book, follows Auden (Emma Pasarow), a socially shy high school graduate who spends the summer before college living with her father and stepmom at the seaside.

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7. Volume 3 of “Love, Death, and Robots”

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

“Love, Death & Robots” is an animated anthology series that combines classic science fiction with dark comedy and horror.

Look no further if you’re seeking a fast fix. The third season of David Fincher and Tim Miller’s Emmy-winning television program consists of twenty-minute episodes with themes focusing on love, death, and, of course, robots, as the title suggests.

8. ‘Senior Year’

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

This high school comedy, like Rebel Wilson’s 2019 film “Isn’t It Romantic?” repurposes the norms of a famous film genre.

9. Road to Perdition

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

“Road to Perdition,” directed by Sam Mendes and starring Tom Hanks, is a 2002 crime thriller about a Depression-era mafia enforcer (Tom Hanks) who goes on the road with his son (a baby-faced Tyler Hoechlin in his breakthrough performance) while seeking vengeance against the gangster who murdered his family.

10. “The Garden Vampire”

Top 10 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In May

A vampire queen is a violinist’s mortal enemy. At least, that’s the case in “Vampire in the Garden,” a film about a human girl joining with her foe to create peace between their two species.

The same studio that gave you “Vinland Saga” and the first three seasons of “Attack on Titan” is behind Netflix’s newest anime series. On May 16, anime fans should mark their calendars.


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