Tower Of God Season 2 – Check Out The Latest Updates On The Renewal Of The Movie!

Tower Of God Season 2

SIU’s dark fantasy adventure anime, ‘Tower of God,’ also known as ‘Kami no Tou,’ is a dark fantasy adventure anime. It is based on an online manhwa series from South Korea.

Takashi Sano directed the series, Joseph Chou produced it, and Erika Yoshida wrote the scripts.

The anime aired from April through June of 2020. There are 13 episodes in the first season, and we anticipate that there will be 13 episodes in the second season.

With a 7.7 out of 10 rating on IMDb, the anime’s action scenes and characters have garnered a positive reception from the public since its release. As a result, ‘Tower Of God’ is currently one of the most eagerly awaited sequels. Fans haven’t heard anything regarding the anime’s continuation in over a year, and they’re still waiting for more.

Here’s all we know about Season 2 of “Tower of God.”

Release Date for Tower of God Season 2:

Tower of God Season 2 has yet to be announced. It is likely to be announced soon.

Tower of God’s second season is set to premiere in late 2022, according to reports. We’ll update this page if we learn anything new regarding the release date for the second season of Tower of God.

Tower Of God Season 2

Between April 1st and June 24th, 2020, the first season of the television show Tower of God aired. Let’s have a look at the new trailer for the second season of Tower of God.

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Season 1: What Happened?

Before he met Rachel, who took him in and taught him all he knows, Bam has no recollection of his past. As a result, as Rachel goes climbing the tower, Bam tries to catch up with her, despite her objections.

While he can’t find Rachel on the tower’s lower floors, he does make a few new acquaintances. Soon, Bam has formed alliances with Kuhn, a cunning and cunning blue-haired boy (voiced by Chris Hackney in English and Nobuhiko Okamoto in Japanese), Rak, a large alligator-like creature (voiced by Matthew David Rudd for the English dub, and Kenta Miyake in Japanese), and several other intriguing characters.

They resolve to establish an alliance and work together to scale the titular tower.

When Bam eventually locates Rachel amid the other test-takers, things become even better for him. Despite Rachel’s pleas for Bam to leave her alone, Bam is adamant about protecting her.

Bam offers to take Rachel to the top of the tower when she gets stabbed during one of the tests and is informed she would never walk again. Rachel accepts. To get the right to capture Rachel, who is wheelchair-bound, Bam and his accomplices must pass the hardest exam.

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The exam turned out to be a hoax, with the goal of separating the group so that anybody considered a threat to the tower could be eliminated. Rachel gets out of her wheelchair and pushes Bam to his death, just as triumph appears to be on the horizon.

Bam’s bereaved pals, unaware of Rachel’s treachery, promise to take her to the top of the tower since that’s what Bam would have wanted. Bam is preparing to scale the tower on his own, as shown below.

Season 2 of “Tower Of God”: Who’s in the Cast?

Tower Of God Season 2

The cast of “Tower Of God” Season 2 is likely to be as follows.

  • Rak Wraithraiser (Matthew David Rudd).
  • The character of Bam is played by Johnny Yong Bosch.
  • Khun Aguero Agnes (Chris Hackney).
  • Anaak Jahad, played by Cherami Leigh
  • Rachel was played by Valerie Rose Lohman.
  • Lero Ro (Trent Mills)
  • Shibisu (Scott Whyte)
  • As Headon, Hochu Otsuka
  • Evan Edroch (Kazuyuki Okitsu)
  • Shibisu is Takuya Eguchi.
  • Hatz (Toshinari Fukamachi) is a fictional character created by Japanese actor Toshinari Fukamachi
  • As Endorsi Jahad, Jeannie Tirado
  • Serena’s role is played by Christina Valenzuela.
  • Yuri Jahad (Kira Buckland).
  • Evan Edroch (Kyle McCarley)

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So, what happens next in the Tower of God?

Tower Of God Season 2

If you’ve watched Season 1 of Tower of God and are curious about what happens next to Bam and his friends (and adversaries), there’s some good news: the manhwa is still ongoing and accessible in English on

While Bam’s narrative hasn’t come to an official conclusion yet, the Tower of God manhwa has two more seasons to go beyond what the anime has adapted so far. The manhwa is now on Season 3, Episode 113 as of April 4, 2022, so there’s enough of substance in the source material to keep you occupied for a long time.


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