Trino Marin: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband Trino Marin!

Trino Marin

What if I told you that a father had sexually assaulted both his own daughters and his sister-in-law?

I am aware that intense wrath has already begun to make my blood boil, and I realize that this is quite normal. Around the world, heinous crimes like these routinely occur.

However, I’m going to talk about one such incident that affected a celebrity’s family in this paragraph. This article is all about Jose Trinidad Marin, also known as Trino Marin, who was Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband.

Everything you need to know about Trino Marin, one of the most repulsive people in the world, is covered in this blog. I’ve talked about everything, even how Jenni Rivera wept the most and how his entire family suffered as a result of him.

Stay connected to our site and read all the way through to learn some startling information.

About Trino Marin

The late renowned Mexican singer and diva Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra’s ex-husband is called Trino Marin or Jose Trinidad Marin.

He was a restaurant manager before being sentenced to 31 years in prison on February 15, 1964. Jose originally hails from Mexico, but he later moved here permanently.

Trino Marin’s Family and Career

Jenni Rivera was only 15 years old when Trino Marin claims to have first met her. Jose Marin Trinidad got Dolores engaged at the age of 20. (Jenni). After that, in 1984, they exchanged vows.

Jose started making a reasonable salary at the age of 22 when he was hired as an administrative manager at an American-Mexican café.

Jenni gave birth to her first kid, Chiquis Rivera when she was 17 years old. After Jose was detained for allegedly abusing Jenni, his sister-in-law Rose, and the kids in 1992, they were permanently divorced. Jose Trinidad Marin’s Family was the main focus of this.

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Trino Marin’s net worth

Trino Marin, the husband of Jenni Rivera, had a net worth of between $600000 and $800000 USD prior to his arrest, according to our research. Before being fired by his supervisors for sexually abusing one of his subordinates, he was a manager at a restaurant.

Why Was Jose Trinidad Marin Condemned To 31 Years In Prison?

You’re probably looking for this section. Trino Marin was given a 31-year prison sentence.

But do you understand precisely why this occurred? Here is a full account of the repulsive act he conducted.

Sister of Jenni Rivera, Rose Rivera, publicly revealed Jose Marin’s abuse and violence in 1997. In a statement, she claimed that in addition to sexually abusing his two daughters, Jacqueline and Chiquis Rivera, he had also assaulted her.

The saddest aspect was that these horrible things went on for a very long time. Although many believed these to be hearsay, when medical reports corroborated what she stated, the entire world was up in arms in protest of this heinous deed.

Jose was a renegade for nine long years after this story was made public before being apprehended by authorities in April 2006. He was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to 31 years in jail in 2007 as a result of Jenni’s tireless efforts.

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Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera’s husband, is on trial in court

The judge found Jose guilty in court after a one-year legal battle between Jenni and Trino. Following his trial, Marin received a 31-year prison term.

The sentence was handed in response to eight serious violations, according to deputy district attorney Mark Burnley. This covers inappropriate behavior with a child, ongoing sexual assault, and severe sexual assault on a child.

Nevertheless, the hearing’s bizarre events may lead you to believe differently.

Trino’s eldest daughter Chiquis Rivera made it obvious during the hearing that she had forgiven her father and that she still loved him. He could believe I’m hiding him. The fact that he is my father, though, will never change.

Why she said this out of the blue is still a mystery. Nobody knows if she said it on her own or if someone forced her to. This was incredibly surprising and out of the ordinary, whatever the cause.

Jenni Rivera Death Information

Trino Marin’s Wife Rivera’s life also didn’t turn out well after experiencing a lifetime of pain and violence. In the wee hours of December 9, 2012, she and six other passengers in Learjet 25 perished in an airplane accident. Her final rituals were carried out on her native Long Island.

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Is Trino Marin currently the subject of any new information?

We are unable to provide a precise answer to your questions on Trino Marin’s most recent developments or what he is doing right now. What we can say, though, is what has happened in relation to his terms during the past few years.

Journalist Javier Ceriani claims that prison inmates may be released much sooner than initially anticipated by the government. Given the seriousness of his charges, I realize this is shocking.

Despite having committed one of the crimes with the harshest punishments in the US, there were talks of letting him free.

What’s more shocking is a tweet Chiquis sent out that made people’s jaws drop and sparked controversy. “This letter is for the first guy who crushed my heart,” she said.

Father, I want you to know that even though your errors, your choices, and the fact that you abandoned me greatly wounded me, I still adore and forgive you. She added some Trino Marin images to a video she posted and titled it.

On August 28th, 2021, one of Trinidad’s brothers also had a public encounter with him. Jose is in good health while incarcerated, he claimed, adding that he had no information about Jose’s release from prison.

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