Tubi TV: Watch TV Shows, Sports, And Much More Online Without A Subscription!

Tubi TV

For almost anything these days, there is a streaming service. The major streamers appear to announce price increases every few months, and they are not cheap. Because of this, one choice is very alluring: Tubi TV is cost-free.

You shouldn’t abandon your other streaming services just because it’s free, though. Can this Fox-owned streaming service actually go up against Netflix, Hulu, and other providers?

Here is all you need to know about the free streaming service, including its attributes and available material.

What is the Tubi?

A streaming service with a difference, Tubi is cost-free. That isn’t a completely novel idea, to be sure, but the quickly expanding startup provides a mix of on-demand movies and TV series, original programming, and live TV streaming channels without requiring users to pay a monthly fee. Consider it as a kind of Netflix that has been marketed yet doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

You will need to make some concessions, though, as Tubi is free. Most importantly, there is advertising. Despite not being numerous, they do exist.

Tubi TV

Second, most of the video available on demand is older media that has already been shown on cable and other broadcast platforms.

However, despite the fact that Tubi hasn’t created any of its own original content, the streamer already has a tonne of it produced for them, which can be viewed in their just-launched Tubi Originals area. The following section has more information on that.

The free, ad-supported streaming service (FAST — yes, it exists) has more than doubled its audience since Fox acquired it in 2020 for $440 million; at the end of 2021, Fox reported having 51 million members.

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What content is offered on Tubi?

Don’t be deceived: Tubi has 40,000 movie and TV titles, the most of any AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) service. There is enough to watch on Tubi.

The free streamer is also getting ready to add more than 100 new original titles during 2022. These films will be from a variety of genres, including thriller, sci-fi, horror, romance, adult animation, and Black cinema.

Additionally, it is including some unique content from its siblings TMZ, MarVista Entertainment, and animated media expert Bento Box Entertainment.

While you wait, dig about in Tubi; you’ll find a few gems there. Malcolm X, Antwone Fisher, Training Day, Coraline, The Masked Singer, and Hell’s Kitchen were among the good finds during a five-minute search.

Tubi TV

Additionally, Tubi provides live TV channels from a variety of genres, including ABC News, NBC News Now, Fox, TMZ, People TV, the NFL Channel, Fox Sports, and MLB.

Naruto, Ninjago, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, and A Turtles Tale: Sammy’s Adventure are just a few of the notable TV series and films available on Tubi Kids.

Depending on how old the content is that you’re watching, the catalog also doesn’t go beyond Full HD and doesn’t offer 4K Ultra HD. No upgrade is available for a better viewing experience, either.

Since Tubi is entirely free, you will have to look for a different option if you are dissatisfied with the service as it currently stands. Thankfully, there is no lack of them.

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Which more features does the service offer?

Tubi TV

You can access a few more services if you register for free at the Tubi TV Activate website. These include, among other things, setting up a queue of forthcoming videos to watch and suggested content to stream.

No matter the device, you can continue watching a previously paused video where you left off by registering with Tubi TV Activate.

Movie Schedule on Tubi

With many new movies being added and many others being withdrawn each month, Tubi’s movie collection is frequently changing. Having said that, there is a good selection of recent and classic movies available on the site. There are certain films that are currently only available for free viewing on Tubi.

Program Schedule on Tubi

On Tubi, there is a slightly more consistent assortment of TV shows. The site offers a variety of older TV dramas and series in addition to a few more contemporary productions. The service offers curated selections of films and television shows from a variety of genres, including Nostalgia TV, Cult Classics, and more.

When the Kids section is activated, the service only displays TV shows and movies with PG or lower ratings.

Recently, the service revealed that it has an exclusive deal with Japan’s Toei Animation to provide a number of TV specials and episodes only on Tubi. The well-known anime series One Piece is among them.

Original Films and Shows

In 2021, Tubi gradually started incorporating unique, exclusive movies and shows into its offering. The majority of films have extremely low budgets and concentrate on genres like thrillers, horror, and science fiction.

A few original series have also been added to Tubi. It all began with the true-crime television program Meet, Marry, Murder. A vague adaptation of Gilbert Shelton’s 1970s underground comic book The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The Freak Brothers is an animated sitcom that debuted in December 2021.

The two Freak Brothers in the show smoke some “special” marijuana, which puts them to sleep for 50 years. They must get used to modern life after emerging in the present.

Woody Harrelson, Tiffany Haddish, John Goodman, Pete Davidson, and Adam Devine all contribute to the voice cast.

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Free Fox Network Programming, Such as The Masked Singer

Numerous recent Fox series have been added to the free streaming service by the TV network after it purchased Tubi. The majority of them fall under the reality/game show umbrella.

The most intriguing aspect is that most of The Masked Singer’s prior seasons are freely accessible on Tubi. Perhaps the most popular program on Fox is the competition series, in which famous people perform for a panel of judges while dressed in elaborate costumes.

Just a few weeks after episodes premiere on the Fox network, the service has proceeded to add more recent Fox reality program series, such as Lego Masters, Next Level Chef, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, and others.
locally current news

Locally Current News

Additionally, the service provides live TV news broadcasts from almost 100 regional stations in the US that serve 24 of the top 25 US markets. It also features live national news from Fox, NBC, Bloomberg, and other sources.


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