Twentysomethings Austin Cast – Check Out The Details Of The Cast!

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

‘Twentysomethings: Austin,’ as the title indicates, is a highly amusing series that follows eight out-of-towners in their twenties as they migrate to Austin and learn to negotiate every area of life under the “new normal.”

This unscripted Netflix original combines friendships, loves, and jobs in one of the most straightforward but intriguing ways conceivable, ensuring the cast members’ entire genuineness.

So, now that season 1 of this homey sitcom has piqued our interest in their adventures, let’s see where they are now.

Details of Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Abbey Humphreys

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Abbey Humphreys, a proud bisexual who hails from Houston, Texas, is a 26-year-old with a bold and confident personality who has no qualms about speaking her thoughts and facing the music. She is not only just divorced, but she also just graduated from college last year, so her professional career is just getting started.

Michael Fractor

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Michael Fractor is prepared to go to any length in order to succeed in the entertainment world. He’s even willing to go to Austin to explore whether a career as a standup comedian is in his future. During his time on the programme, the 23-year-old is also interested in finding the right lady to date.

All we know is that the Austin-based bartender appears to be happy with where she is now, owing to the fact that she is slowly regaining her footing and has even moved into her own apartment (her first in a long time) to show for it.

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Daniels, Raquel

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Raquel “Roxy” Daniels hails from Eatonville, Florida, and describes herself as a “happy mushroom.” She has made it clear that she not only enjoys her job but also wants to set an example for others, so it looks like she will continue to work in the IT field in order to establish a reputation for herself and open doors for people who look like her.

Kamari Bonds

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Kamari Bonds is the one in the home that is looking to have a good time. He has a bevvy of business ideas to help him construct a better future for himself, but for now, he makes a livelihood as a model. During his time on the show, he wants to flirt a lot and potentially find a nice female.

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Stephenson, Bruce

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

The 23-year-old South Carolina native works for his father’s insurance firm, but his desire is to work for a professional sports club, which he is pursuing in Austin. He, too, is yearning for love.

Davenport, Adam

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Despite having a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Washington (2019), Adam Davenport has virtually always worked in places where his communication talents may flourish.

Everything from a Public Relations Coordinator to a Bartender to a Field Operations intern falls under this category. Adam, on the other hand, has been working in the Sales Department of San Juan Seltzer, an all-natural brewery that is progressively spreading its wings, for over two years.

And that’s how the Washington native ended himself in Austin, where he was even promoted.

Punja, Isha

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Many people think of the California designer as an “educated ditz,” yet she graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in economics. The 24-year-old relocated to Austin with the goal of creating her own clothing brand, Hut Mentality, and having her designs picked up by a store.

Natalie Cabo.

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Natalie Cabo is ready to party with her newfound independence after growing up in a conservative environment and feeling as though she’s been protected her entire life. The 26-year-old admitted she’s never been kissed before, but she’s hoping to alter that as quickly as possible during her time on the programme.

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Perez, Keauno

Twentysomethings Austin Cast

Keauno Perez was sad when he had to quit his position as a Residence Education Coordinator at the University of Arkansas, where he had worked for over five years, in order to relocate to Texas. However, it was just something he needed to do in order to begin living rather than merely surviving, and he succeeded.


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