Twitch hacked? Massive Twitch data leak point towards security breach

What’s going on at Twitch? The famous streaming platform is said to be the victim, Wednesday, October 6, of a massive data leak resulting from a hack. The information was initially reported by the specialized site The Verge, which indicates that an anonymous user of the 4Chan forum claimed to be in possession of a 125 GB file gathering the confidential data of the platform’s influencers, as well as its code. source.

Among the data in this file: revenue paid to influencers on Twitch and tools used to improve platform security, as well as user passwords. Le Figaro says he contacted the site which, in the middle of the afternoon, explained that it was not yet able to confirm or deny this leak. However, an internal investigation was underway. The platform ended up confirming a data leak, in a tweet published around 5 p.m. “Our teams are working urgently to understand the magnitude of this. We will keep the community informed as soon as we know more, ”the site wrote.

Several influencers working on the platform have also confirmed that the data disclosed is true. On Twitter, the entrepreneur known as Zerator said, “YES, the numbers are true. But be careful, this is a turnover (sic) and not a profit “. Le Figaro also claims that several other influencers on the platform have confirmed the veracity of the information revealed, while specifying that it is part of the income.

According to BFMTV, the hackers claiming this act allegedly claimed that these disclosures only represent a “first part” of the information they have in their possession. They would have entered the platform in order to “improve” it because they would consider it “toxic”. Claims that seem to echo the criticisms that Twitch has been meeting for several months, regularly accused by its users of not doing enough to limit the harassment on its channels.

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