Twitter Expands Its ‘Downvote’ Test to More Users Globally

Twitter Expands Its ‘Downvote’ Test to More Users Globally

Twitter began experimenting with the capacity for users to downvote replies in July of last year. More people around the world are now able to use the downvote feature. Since Twitter’s initial test was met with such a “positive response,” it appears that an all-user stable rollout may be on the horizon.

Twitter Is Expanding Its ‘Downvote’ Option

According to a recent tweet from Twitter, users will be able to “downvote” a reply by clicking a downward arrow on the platform’s web version, Android app, or iOS app very soon. Until recently, it was only accessible to a select group of iPhone and iPad users.

According to Twitter’s announcement, it has been able to learn about “types of replies you don’t find relevant” by implementing this new feature.

People will no longer be able to see how many downvotes a reply has received. The only exception is for those who have already voted down a specific response. The upvotes will continue to appear in the form of likes, just like they do now.

For those who don’t know, Twitter experimented with various designs for the dislike button when the feature was first being tested. Some people only saw an upwards arrow, while others saw both an upwards and a downward arrow at the same time. The first option appears to be gaining traction, and this may be the final product.

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Like Reddit, users will be able to downvote a post with the new option. It’s a lot like the YouTube “dislike” button. Facebook also experimented with this option, but it never came to fruition. No one knows yet if Twitter’s version will be available to everyone.

The downvote option on Twitter makes it easier for Twitter to understand what its users like, but it can also encourage some of the “toxic” behaviour that is associated with social media. When this feature is made public in the future, we’ll know how it’s handled.

It’s also possible to directly message someone from the tweet they’ve just posted, making it even easier to begin a discussion. Nobody knows for sure if this is going to happen!

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